Prosas profanas. Rubén Darío, poeta nicaragüense, máximo representante del modernismo literario en lengua española () Este libro electrónico. The Project Gutenberg EBook of Prosas Profanas, by Rubén Darío This eBook is for the Title: Prosas Profanas Volumen II de las Obras Completas Author: Rubén Darío [1] Para el libro En tropel, del poeta español Salvador Rueda, : Prosas Profanas: Raro ejemplar. Muy buen estado Prosas Profanas. Darío, Rubén About the Seller. From Cueva Libros – Alberto F. Costa.

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You are the United States you are the future invader of the naive America that has indigenous blood that still prays to Jesus Ryben and that still speaks Spanish. Archived from the original on libto September Years ago, in Central America, in the city of San Salvador, and in the company of the poet Francisco Gavidiamy adolescent spirit had explored the immense promise of Victor Hugo and had contemplated his divine ocean where everything is contained Inhe left his family in Costa Rica, and traveled to Guatemala and Nicaragua, in search for better economic prospects.

Archived from the original on 29 November He knows the poet’s spineless character, and the state of apathy to which he cario reduced under the influence of alcohol. The Epic of Latin America.

The predominance of French culture is more than evident. He informs his plan to his sister and she accepts. This name uses Spanish naming customs: He later resigned his diplomatic post and moved to Paris where he devoted himself to preparing new books, such as Canto darii la Argentina. He had economic problems since his limited budget barely allowed him to meet all of his delegation’s expenses, and he had much economic difficulty while he was Nicaraguan ambassador.


In the capital, he fell in love with an eleven-year-old girl, Rosario Emelina Murillo, whom he wanted to marry. He arrived at the port in Corinto on March 7, Regarding his political attitude, his most noteworthy influence was the Ecuadorian Juan Montalvowhom he deliberately imitated in his first journalistic articles. However popular it became, though, his work was not initially well received. This page was last edited on 6 Decemberat He reportedly suffered frequent hallucinations and became obsessed with the idea of death.

Modernism’s stage of plenitude and of the Darian poetry is marked by the book Prosas profanas y otros poemasa collection of poems in which the presence of the erotic is more important, and which contains some esoteric themes such as in the poem “Coloquio de los centauros”. His chronicles about this topic would later be compiled in the book Peregrinaciones. Spanish Wikisource has original text related to this article: That same year the second edition of his successful book Azul Together they co-authored a sentimental novel titled Emelinawith which they entered in a literary contest although they did not win.

He tested his luck with theatre, and he released his first play, titled Cada oveja AzulProsas Profanas y otros poemasCantos de vida y esperanzaCanta a la Argentina y otros poemas. The Nicaraguan wrote, in Historia de mis libros: Acereda, Alberto and Rigoberto Guevara. In Rio de Janeiro, the poet was involved in an obscure romance with an aristocrat, believed to be the daughter of the Russian ambassador in Brazil.

Eventually, the Nicaraguan government named him a member of the Nicaraguan delegation to Madrid where events were going to take place to commemorate the fourth centennial of the discovery of America. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Rubén Darío

The deterioration of his mental health became accentuated, however, due to his alcoholism. The old Spaniard with a white beard points towards a series of illustrious portraits: In March profxnas was appointed as consul by Nicaragua.

His tranquility was interrupted by the arrival of his wife, Rosario Murillo, in Paris. One could say that that was the first thunder of the revolution that brought the dethronement. Conscious of contemporaneous Spanish decadence in politics and the arts a preoccupation he shared with the so-called Generation of ’98he frequently was inspired by characters and elements of the past.

During a brief stop in Lima he met the writer Ricardo Palma. He collaborated with several newspapers: Retrieved 20 July The poet has no idea about the ‘yes’ he has uttered.

Rubén Darío – Wikipedia

Come, magic eagle with the great and strong wings to extend over the South your great continental shade, to bring in your claws, adorned with red bright rings, a palm of glory of the color of the immense hope, and in your beak the olive branch of a vast and fecund peace. He has been praised as the “Prince of Castilian Letters” and undisputed father of the modernismo literary movement. Un estudio de Prosas profanas y Cantos de vida y esperanza” Revista Iberoamericana

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