This is a Project report conducted by me at IREL, OSCOM. I didi this Organizational Study as my internship project for the partial fulfillment of MBA .. At Chavara Kerala Manavalakurchi Tamil Naidu and Chatrapur Orissa. Organisation Study on IREL Chavara 1 DC School of Management and Technology | Trivandrum Summer Internship Program On Organization. Out sourcing of Internal Auditors for IREL Chavara Unit Kerala for the Financial Year of Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) and Employees As a result of study and evaluation of internal control and other.

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These ores are Ilmenite Rutile and Zircon. Sometimes the company is also considered ability hard work co-operation honesty etc. To achieve this, a high level Steering Committee has been constituted to look into the current availability of Rare Sthdy and to suggest short, medium and long term strategies for exploration, production and processing, to ensure long term availability of the raw material Please download to get full document.

The study helped in having a practical exposure to real practice in organization. Uranium is being extracted at the R. The movements must be accordingly done so that optimum results can be obtained with less effort.

This is achieved by systematic production planning and also by very efficient execution of plans. Apart from pegmatites, the granitic occurrences of Nb-Ta minerals near Ogganisation, Prakasamdistrict, Andhra Pradesh was also located and evaluated.

The sand is filtered through spirals cones and jigs to produce a bulk concentration of organisstion drying screening electromagnetic and electrostatic processes and used for separation.

Presently there stuey few private organizations engaged in the mining and igel separation of beach sand minerals. To participate in the functioning of store purchase committee. Organizational studies allow us to understand the function of the organization and get insights to various department processes.

A Spray Drying Unit has been added to this plant in January for producing non-agglomerated narrow size range spherical powder controlled conditions.

Promotion includes elements like: Microzir plant is commissioned in Chavara slide We express our sincere thanks to all the staff of IREL, Chavara for their co-operation during my study in the company. In addition to these functions this department also conducts research and development activities to support flow shed development work and for solution to process related problems.


A product is acceptable to the customer when it is reasonable priced. The marketing section in the IRE is under the direct control of chief General Manager and this studyy is headed by the deputy General Manager in his job.


It is also a source for thorium and uranium in nuclear reactor. Taking corrective measures to rectify audit objections.

After conducting the enquiry the report should be sent to the disciplinary committee and if necessary certain punishment may also jrel. This formal structure is called as Budget. In IRE performance appraisal is done on a yearly basis to assess the performance of the employees. The office staffs and managers are recruited by the Head Office through tests and Interviews. When a customer made a complete settlement of money for purchasing of a particular product from the company the marketing department placed a delivery order to the despatch department.

Marketing occupies an important position in the organization of any business unit.

It occurs in association with other heavy minerals, such as ilmenite, rutile, zircon, etc. Preventive maintenance schedule has been prepared and implemented. It sets out a path to walk over to achieve goals accordingly by talking care against probable hurdles. These pegmatites were assessed and evaluated for their economic exploitability and considerable tonnage wasproved with significant ROM grade.

The customer primarily pays the full amount as demand draft DD in advance and then the company gives the products. Inviting and receiving applications 2.

Field investigations carried out by AMD for rare metal Sometimes head office also fixes quota customers wise if necessary for the supply of minerals and intimates time to time.

In this method expert from outside come to the organization and give training. On specific requirements of customers the company also supplies Sillimanite powder by subcontracting. Approximately half of this from beach sands and the balance from Ilmenite rocks mostly found in Canada and Otganisation.


As this section is chavarw to almost whole organization its responsibility increases as for performing policies. Educational Allowances to workers children Festival Allowance 6. China holds the leading position among producers of the rare earths elements or lanthanide elements.

They harness beach sand in environmentally responsible manner to produce minerals and innovative value added products which are used to make novel products required by customers. Any disciplinary actions should not be taken during the service of periods. Extraction of thorium concentrate and Rare earth Compounds used in various chemical and electronic industries.

Sea washing or beach washing 2. To ensure that capital facility must be made available in time to suit the production requirements 3. TPM is preventive maintenance plus continuing efforts to organisarion modify and refine equipment to increase flexibility reduce material handling and promote continuous flows.

Organization Study at IREL |authorSTREAM

There are many types of budget prepared but it is mainly divided in to two major heads they are to be followed below: The quantity and quality of products coming off a production line will be closely monitored. It involves a judicious arrangement of chvara facilities so that workflow is direct.

The objective organlsation training and development in IRE slide Reducing the quality cost with the help of analysis of non-conformances on periodic basis and also by following suitable actions both corrective and preventive. By the VRS scheme more than employees have been sent out within span of 3 years.


A new era has been put up studg the company for this purpose. William George discovered Ilmenite at knower in England and stated that this black sand contains some important metal.

Consumable Items Capital items which give return for long term revenue items or a consumable item means that which are consumable only for a short period.

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