Ibalon is an epic from Bicol. This book shows how the first towns of Bicol were established under the leadership of Baltog, Handiong, and Bantong. The three. The three brave heroes who fought the peace of Ibalon (old name of Bicol). The Ib├ílong, also known as Handiong or Handyong, is a stanza fragment of a Bikol .. Ibalon: Tatlong Bayani ng Epikong Bicol. Philippines: Children’s.

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The first man was Baltog, originally from Botavara and of the race Lipod. Then suddenly, there cmae a big flood caused by Unos, with terrifying earthquakes. Curiously, Handyong was saddened by Rabot’s death. Dahil ditto, muli nang naibalik ang katahimikan ng nayon ng Ibalon. Sa ngayon, ang alamat ng Ibalon ay aming na lamang ipinapasa sa kabataan sa pamamagitan ng pag-awit.

Naging maunlad ang pamumuhay ng mga tao.

Epic in Ibalon

Long before Spaniards arrived in Bikol and introduced Christianity, the Bikolanos already believed in gods ihalon supernatural beings. Subalit may muling kinatakutan ang mga tao, isang malaki at mapaminsalang baboy-ramo na tuwing sumasapit ang gabi ay namiminsala ng mga pananim.

It was put afterward into Spanish by Melendreras in Ibal, a age manuscript in verse on the ancient customs of the Indios of Albay. She would thwart his labors and nb with his battle, although there were occasions when she helped fight and kill the animals infesting the place.

Ibalong Epic – Wikipedia

Folk history or not, this epic is valuable for it enabled the Bikolanos of today to gain valuable insights into the misty past of their land and their ancestors. Nang kumati ang tubig, iba na ang anyo ng Ibalon. People were asking who will fight against Rabot. Rivers changed their direction and the seas waves rolled high.

The survivors were iblaon, along with Sarimao, to Mount Kulasi.

Ibalon (English version of epic from Bicol) A long, long time ago

This is just a summary of the Epic in Ibalon. Brought to Ligmanan, the corpse of Rabot was horrible to behold. From the word isaro meaning “put together”, Isarog was the rugged volcano where the angonglood of the Bikol River forests fled to escape the wrath of Handyong.


To him, Handiong entrusted the job of getting rid of Rabot, a fierce eipko, who was half-man and half-beast. There was Kimantong who made the plow, harrow and other farming tools. The epic is said to have been narrated in verse form by a native poet called Kadunung.

Next to come was Handyong. Through his good example, his people became inspired and came up with their own inventions. Nabalitaan ito ni Bantong at inihandog niya ang sarili kay Handiong upang siyang pumatay kay Rabut. Among the enemies of Handyong and his men, the serpent Oryol was the hardest to kill.

A long time ago, there was a rich land called Ibalong. Bantong slew the monster using his bolo. The legend spoke about a mighty spirit who dwelt in Mt. To capture it, Handyong tried different ways.

Siya ang tumuklas sa layag at sa ugit o kung tawagin natin ay rudder na siya naman nating ginagamit sa pagtulak at pag-asinta sa paglalakbay pandagat. These monsters were soon restrained by Handyong to keep waters safe for his followers. Subalit hindi rin nagtagal at naging marahas ang kalikasan. For ten months, they fought without rest. Dahil dito, nagdiwang sila at ipinagunyi ang bayaning si Baltog.

The houses nv varying sizes hung from the branches of the “banasi” and kamagong trees. Nagalit ang Diyos sa ginawang pataksil na pagpatay kay Rabut. Retrieved from ” https: Itinuro ni Dinahong Pandak ang paggawa ng palayok na Iluad at ng iba pang kagamitan sa pagluluto. Kimantong is attributed to have been the first Bikolano to fashion the rudder called timonthe sail called layagthe plow called aradothe harrow called surodthe ganta and other measures, the roller, the yoke, the boloand the hoe.

Sa kanyang pamumuno, naimbento niya ang isang bangkang dagat. Among other pursuits is the cultivation of upland and lowland crops, the construction of dwellings on tall trees, the creation of the first boat in the region, the making of utensils, tools, and wares, but most importantly, the invention of writing. The very survival of these pre-Hispanic legends is direct proof of the vitality of Bikol culture.


The old folks claim that the two nf with a slender strip of water between Samar and Sorsogon were the spirit of Mt.

Through his good example, his people became inspired and came up with their own inventions. Views Read Edit View history.

Hindi rin nagtagal ay dumami ang tao sa Ibalon. Meaning “faintly visible”, was famous for its tales of sweet enchantment in the glorious days of long ago. Among them are supernatural creatures. Hablom who invented the first loom for weaving abaca clothes, Dinahongm an Agta, who created the stove, cooking pot, earthen jar and other kitchen utensils, and Sural who brilliantly thought of syllabary and started to write on a marble rock.

This was a golden period in Ibalong. Because of this, Oryol helped Handyong clear the region of ferocious beasts until peace came to the whole of the land. He was strong and brave. Matapos nito, nagtayo ng isang nayon si Handyong sa bayan ng Isarog sa Ibalon. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A non-religious festival, the Ibalong Festival is celebrated annually in honor of the epic Ibalong as a celebration of the geography of Ibalon.

This poses an argument that the locals had to depend on foreign abilities and leadership before they were able to obtain progress. Rivers changed their direction and the sea waves rolled high.

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