Error Codes List of Error Codes The machine is equipped with a mechanism to run self diagnosis to find out its condition (particularly of its sensors): CPU on. These are all list of error code in Canon iR/iR more to come, i hope your machines works fine and never get error. E Main cause. Canon IR Manual Online: Error Codes, List Of Error Codes. List Of Error Codes The Machine Is Equipped With A Mechanism To Run Self Diagnosis To Find Out Its Condition (particularly Of Its Copier Canon IR Quick Manual.

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The stitch motor front, M7S is faulty. The controller cooling fan FM4 is faulty. Mode ofDetection The number of detection pulses of the folding motor clock sensordrops below a specific value.

The communication line has an opencircuit. The scanner motor M3 is faulty. The paperpositioning plate motor M4S is faulty. The swing guideclosed detecting switch 2 MS6 is faulty.

Error Code Canon IR error E

The copy data controller orthe remote diagnostic device is faulty. The feed fan FM1 isfaulty. Mode ofDetection The guide home position sensor does not turn on when the guidemotor has been driven for about 0.


The alignment motor M5S is faulty. The alignmentmotor M3 is faulty. Mode ofDetection While the machine is in standby, the communication with the hostmachine has been interrupted for 5 secs or more. codss

The delivery motor M2 is faulty. Main Cause The cooling fan FM1 is faulty. Subscribe To Posts Atom. Mode ofDetection While the primary charging assembly cooling fan is being driven. The hard disk drive isfaulty.

The saddle stitcher controller PCB is faulty. The copy data controller or the remote diagnostic device is faulty. The SSR has a short circuit.

The inverter PCB is faulty. The waste toner clock sensor MSW2 is faulty. Main Cause The swing motor clock sensor PI20 is faulty.

Thesaddle stitcher controller PCB is faulty. Main Cause The shutter open sensor PI5 is faulty.

Mode ofDetection The stitch home position sensor front does not turn off when thestitch motor front has been rotated CW for 0. Mode ofDetection The connector of the guide home position sensor is found to bedisconnected. The finisher controller PCB cnaon faulty. The delivery door switch MS3S is faulty. The laser unit is faulty.


Main Cause The tray home position sensor PI8 is faulty. The finisher accessories powersupply PCB is faulty. Main Cause The various printer board accessories are faulty.

Canon iR5000 Service Manual: Error Codes; List Of Error Codes

Mode ofDetection An error has occurred in the communication between the various. The punch motor M1P is faulty. The main controller PCB. The DC power supply fan FM6 is faulty. The scanner HP sensor PS39 is faulty. The saddle stitcher controller PCB isfaulty. The stitch motor rear, M6S is faulty. Mode ofDetection The swing guide closed detecting switch 2 does not turn on whenthe swing motor has been rotated CCW for 1 sec.

The main controller PCB is faulty. Crazy About Copiers Loading The shutter closed detecting switch MS4 is faulty. The safety area switch MS3 is faulty. Coddes Cause Ljst height sensor PS1 is faulty.

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