Steal This Book is, in a way, a manual of survival in the prison that is Amerika. It . Julius Jennings Hoffman, Quentin, the inmates of TIER A-l Cook County Jail. Buy ROBA ESTE LIBRO by ABBIE HOFFMAN (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Find great deals for Roba Este LIBRO Abbie Hoffman Book. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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I read this book in it’s online format in high school. Don’t accept what they tell you, ilbro what they hand you. They were a group of over privileged white kids with too much time on their hands who rode on the coattails of the Black Panther Party and the Weather Underground.

I knew this before, but reading it only confirmed it. A wonderful title for this jerk is poseur! Still, the book has a great title. Dec 16, Jesse rated it liked it Recommends it for: Just steal some, duhhhhh. He claims that it is required of one to shoplift, as this “loss” is built into the price of the item. Feb 25, Meaghan rated it really liked it Shelves: Full of practical advice.

I’d make a lousy anarchist.

It’s an interesting reminder of the mood and “vibes” among the younger generation in I read it when I could actually use the info. Lying, shoplifting, cheating, and exploding homemade bombs abbis not improve or change society.

Steal This Book

Holding a job doesn’t make you complicit in Vietnam or segregation, fuckwit, it means that you don’t have to be a burden on the segment of society actually DOING something for the people you claim to represent. This fact alone should have served as a warning to anyone planning to try the scams and swindles he encouraged.

He was in his mid thirties.

Abbie Hoffman is a consummate hypocrite, writing an entire tome about how rotten capitalism is, while enjoying the benefits of capitalism.

Trying to beat up cops and destroying patrol cars isn’t going to change anything.


Shoot Richard Nixon instead. Again, she peered down her nose and said, “We don’t sell anti-social, anti-establishment books. It taught me to understand anarchy as a philosophy, rather than a symbol that punks saftey-pinned onto their jackets.


II can give me some pointers on how to steal Vol. Don’t behave the way the want you to. These are the techniques of a more innocent, or possibly just a simpler, goffman populated esfe but definitely not digital abbiie time. Hoffman was arrested and tried for conspiracy and inciting to riot as a result of his role in protests that led to violent confrontations with pol Abbott Howard “Abbie” Hoffman was a social and political activist in the United States who co-founded the Youth International Party “Yippies”.

Sep 05, P rated it it was ok. Does the new society you’re working for involve Social Security, welfare, unemployment insurance, and Medicaid? At times I would smile to myself while fondly thinking of how technology has made things so much easier to steal, but in reading some sections it becomes glaringly obvious how technology has made hooffman so much harder to rip some industries off.

This book cracked me up and had dozens of tips on how to do things that I was way too square hofrman try but young enough to fantasize about doing–and being a chemistry student at the time, all of Jerry Froines’ recipes for trouble made sense.

There are still hippies wandering around gentrified Haight with nowhere to crash and nothing to eat because of this, though I believe they’ve assimilated with the ordinary homeless population.

Now I know who’s the ideological forefather of all those entitled gutterpunks stretching out a hand for spare change, which happens to be attached to an arm covered in a thousand dollar tattoo sleeve.

It made me into an English teacher: Be aware that I am not merely disagreeing with the author’s politic Steal This Book is a self-righteous manual about theft, vandalism, exploitation of the charitable, and even murder.

He includes methods for ripping off stores, stowing away on public transportation for free rides, and even how to scam pay phones for free calls. Why, oh why did the sixties have to end?

Steal This Book by Abbie Hoffman

The truth of abboe is, they are there to get the degree so that they can get ahead in roga rat race. The info wasn’t really the point. In general, I dislike the writings of people coming from well-off backgrounds like Abbie Hoffman’s comfortably middle-class family who fetishize poverty and “the virtuous poor” because they’ve never had to suffer from genuine want. It revolted me that such a self-revealed monster as Abbie Hoffman was ever taken seriously by the counterculture of the United States.


Crumb, it nevertheless conveys a serious message to all would-be revolutionaries: Mainstream America didn’t look that good from there! When the seller learned that I was familiar with it, she let me have it for free instead of 25 cents she was going to charge.

Roba Este LIBRO Abbie Hoffman Book | eBay

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. But later in life, I did some research on Abbie Hoffman. United States of America. In a lot of ways, our society is more controlling and oppressive than in the ’70s. Fair enough, I shoplifted it from Annie’s Book Swap in the first place.

Most of the hofdman who were part of that movement outgrew it as they got real jobs, did productive things, and raised families of their own.

Not only is this a great slice of life of the radical 60s, I learned a lot, from early bulletin boards there was one in Beverly, MA! What, exactly, was this dude smoking?! Fuck you you cowardly little shit for trying to incite hotheaded kids to do what you don’t have the stones to do yourself. This is a guy who nonchalantly claims that building a cabin or A-frame house is not only inexpensive but requires “little experience!

What will be laughable 40 years from now? I did eventually find a copy at a friend’s house but didn’t have to steal it because he gave it to me the 70’s had their moments.

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