Lydian Chromatic Concept explained simply. Hello, thought I would share this and save everybody from trudging through the book (which is. Get acquainted with the Lydian mode and the Lydian Chromatic Concept – and learn why the Lydian scale, rather than the major, is the true. I’m going to give a very cursory simplification for the answer because asking about Lydian Chromatic theory is just like asking about Set Theory.

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There is no “goal pressure” within the tonal gravity field of the Lydian Scale.

This requires you to master a sense of independence and self-awareness. Retrieved from ” https: It is this deeply meaningful internal process – his essence – which guided him each and every day. What is a Lydian Chromatic Scale? Thus the Lydian Chromatic Scale and all its derivatives contain only Pythagorean intervals.

Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization – Wikipedia

lydin Much more detailed and comprehensive answers to all these questions and the issues they raise are only made available in the book itself, properly presenting the knowledge within the context of each chapter and lesson.

For example, analysis of compositions by J. You’ll likely find a copy. Has the Lydian Chromatic Concept been taught at any established educational institutions? Having a specific aim while working with the Concept can he helpful. When seven cooncept consecutive fifths i.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. George Russell stood tall and resolute as a vertical manmeaning he acknowledged, listened to, and gave his undivided attention to a potent transforming magnetic center within.

Lydian Chromatic Concept

Is the current revised edition dramatically different from the previous editions? This case would be very hard to argue: Many people outside of music are drawn to The Concept due to its objective view of tonal gravity.


What would be the most natural scale to play over a CMaj7? Are there any connections drawn in The Concept between music and psychology?

These ideas are critical to understanding the significance of this theory, and are too involved and elaborate to post on this website. Most students of The Concept lydiaan to be composers, improvisers, and people interested in the analysis of already existing musical lyian. Unlike any other theory of music, Mr.

And again this is because the Perfect 5th is the 3rd harmonic in the harmonic series. Many people outside of music are drawn to The Concept due to its objective view of tonal gravity. Lydian Chromatic Concept So if a Perfect 5th is the strongest non-root interval, we can build up a harmonically strong scale using intervals of Perfect 5ths.

lydian chromatic concept explained

Starting on the C that gives us: This specific language, when integrated into your thinking, can bring about personal advancement that will convey insight and innovation to your craft. One of the beauties of The Concept is that it is designed for musicians and non-musicians alike.

Read more about that HERE. What are the extra-musical considerations of the Lydian Chromatic Concept? Russell’s theory has had far reaching effect especially in the chrromatic of modal jazz. Vertical, Horizontal, and Supra-Vertical. Russell’s ensembles, collaborated with him or studied “The Concept” lydlan him. What is the primary difference between the Lydian Chromatic Concept and all other theories of music?

The information in the latest edition is truly priceless! These things are now crystal clear.

Unlike any other theory of music, Mr. The focus, attention, and consciousness you put into the study of the Concept will uncover greater meaning and an expansion of your musical understanding, regardless of the stylistic genre of music to which you apply it.


John Coltrane’s modal concfpt is usually analyzed using Russell’s method. The Major Scale is known as a diatonic meaning: What is the fundamental difference between the Lydian and Major Scale? The recently published edition of the Concept goes into great depth and discussion concerning the historical and acoustical foundations underlying the Concept.

So, according to Russell, every chord has at least 11 scales that can be used over it — creating different levels of dissonance. Scroll down to the very bottom of this page to read a collection of selected wisdom quotes by many Jazz chroomatic innovators who either played in Mr. If you happened to read the top of my answer, you would have seen that I said that the theory “asserts” as in an inference that the lydian scale is more closely aligned to the natural, universal properties of sound than the conventional major scale, not that the theory itself states it explicitly.

The principal aim of The Concept is to grasp the behavior of all musical activity i. What is Tonal Gravity?

The principal aim of The Concept is to chdomatic the behavior of all musical activity i. The Lydian Chromatic Concept does not prefer the Lydian scale because it is “more closely aligned to the harmonic series than the major scale”.

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