Lidetu Ayalew is a very shrewd, articulate and pragmatic politician with a tinge Medrek ought to be brave and take a leaf out of Lidetu’s book;. Time Revealed the Truth about Lidetu Ayalew . Lidetu is the only Ethiopian ever who wrote two books in less than 5 years, as the Chairman of. Lidetu Ayalew: Adjustment and Change Never Changed. his perceived character assassination through his books Yearem Ersha and Medlot.

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Interview with Lidetu Ayalew – Pt I

There was a time I literally cried, begging ayallew step down but I was denied. We have a number of political forces in Ethiopia with varying political views which in one way or the other represent certain section of the population.

Instead they wanted to impose their ideas forcibly by spreading hearsay. That all I have to say. That did not happen and we were forced out. Therefore, the current challenges facing me do not discourage me, but rather reinforce my belief in the necessity for this struggle. This is owing to the fact that his support is growing at their expense, and want lixetu finish him off by labelling him as a traitor for being brave enough to expose their true characteristics.

So, how can you stop this opportunist force when it is engaged in economic corruption? But it has prevented us from assessing our underlying weaknesses and taking basic, corrective actions to address them.

You say the diaspora is influencing politics to the point of affecting the independence of political parties at home.

Lidetu Ayalew

So, each of us should avoid pointing fingers at others. Lidetu talks for over 2hrs mostly repeating the same thing over and over again. For me, the ultimate goal of the struggle goes beyond just changing the government. He did not come, but he delegated somebody from State Affairs Communication Office. What is your take on this? May 7, at 1: How yaalew of that has affected your subsequent political path? Hailu Shawel, who livetu a massive mansion in the US, stood on a platform with the late cerebral Prime Minister and publically announced to abide by the constitution which he relentlessly tried to discard.


In line with that, there were reports that some members of EDP ayaleq asked you to play a role behind the scenes in order to protect the image of the party. And of course he may continue writting articles like any other writers. You precious Ethiopians please keep on writting the truth bout the damage done for the last 4 years by few aylaew individuals countinously.

These people are found both within the ruling party and the opposition. Dr Lapiso was given 5 minutes but he talked more than 25 minutes and was not very rough when the organizers told him to cut his talk.

Lidetu Ayalew – Wikipedia

If this strong grip weakens for various reasons, the tensions will pose a danger to the nation. We have been told that those who stood against TPLF had nothing good to offer and labeled as forces of destruction. This is a question that all citizens who want change should ask and attempt to answer. So, I do think changing the mindset is the first and important ground to combat the problem since the extent of problem booi now scary.

It is about whether a government that has entered into contract with the public via election is fulfilling its lidrtu of the bargain.


They do not tolerate alternatives other than theirs and do lidehu work to abolish it. His mastery of politics appears to lack depth if one has to judge him by his performance at the last parliament and the party political debates that were held during the last general election.

This is manifested in the bureaucracy, which is filled not with technocrats but political appointees. Lidetu came from a modest background, working in NGOs but later to owning a profitable auto import business.

Weather forecast from yr. In your year active political engagement, have you seen an improvement? Without defeating its inner demons, it cannot get rid of those corrupt individuals in the bureaucracy. I have been in the political process and have come to witness the hatred and tension. Those of us, who had the stamina to endure the full interview, were left with no doubt that Lidetu finds himself in this mess because of his unbridled ambition and great hunger for power.

It is arguable if there is a government in the world which is not developmental? The court, which they used to ildetu and ridicule, had to resolve the dispute that was engulfing them. So, political parties at home establish relations with ayapew organizations in the diaspora to curb their financial constraints.

His boss, the Eritrean dictator, is not exactly ecstatic about it as his huge investments are not paying dividends.

But I do not know why he chose Bugna.

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