Although part of a mentoring series (Letters to a Young Lawyer ; Letters to a Young Chef ; etc.), this memoir is less about motivating aspiring. Letters to a Young Gymnast is written for one person but the lessons inside can apply to everyone. She has a great take on sacrifice, a word that is often used in. Of the many books I have read, Letters to a Young Gymnast by Nadia Comaneci remains one of my favourites. As a gymnast and fan, I have a more than slightly.

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As I read the book, first and second time around, I developed a great appreciation of the incredibly open and honest tone Tymnast displays throughout.

In conclusion, this is one of my favorite books. I find it interesting, then, that in this book she discusses the errors she believes she made in that first “perfect” bar routine.

In Letters to a Young Gymnast, Comaneci writes as if she is replying to a pen pal’s questions about her life. While this is an inspirational book, and is intended to be so, what I get from it is a better understanding of the story of two incredible people, Nadia and her famous coach Bela Karolyi. As a gymnast and fan, I have a more than slightly obsessive knowledge of gymnastics today, but the book transported me to a world that I had never experienced before; gymnastics in the late 20th century.

A theme I noticed early on in the book is the author’s appreciation of the evolution of her sport. When Nadia and her coach Bella Karolyi went to a meet they almost did not let them compete because she was form Romania and at the time Romania was a communist country. I felt as though I was with Nadia through the events she described in this book.


Book Review: ‘Letters to a Young Gymnast’ by Nadia Comaneci

I like the way the book is written with gymnastic sequences introducing chapters. I had a Bart Conners poster in ro room in the 80’s. This was a great read, I walked away deeply moved learning the truth about her life. Enjoy the process because preparation is everything.

When I began my career, I just wanted to do cartwheels. In Letters to a Young Gymnast, Nadia shows what it takes to achieve athletic oetters and become the best. Since defecting to the United States inshe is an international spokesman for her sport as well as numerous charities. May 20, Thaynes4 rated it it was amazing. Nadia writes this autobiographical book like she is responding to a young gymnast asking her questions.

Scenes from Nadia the movie will forever be etched in my mind. I would definitely recommend this book to any new or rising gymnasts. She also intersperses her narrative with her most famous gymnastic routines. Jan 01, Courtney Kirshe rated it really liked it. She is keen to emphasise how oblivious she was to the magnitude of the competition and her perfect scores of I thought the writing was actually quite good, especially considering English wasn’t her first language.

Mar 14, Heidi rated it really liked it. Letters to a Young Gymnast. Comaneci, however, devotes far too much space to discussing the controversies that dogged her career.

She also gives well-reasoned judgement on the controversy that has since surrounded her old coach. This is a very interesting read about her young life of training, her success as a gymnast and her defection to America. De todas maneras, es imposible hacer un comentario sin ponerme subjetiva. Aug 26, Debra rated it really nadix it.

I highly recommend this book it is a fun read and I recommend it for anybody, co,aneci especially. Really interesting, though the format was a little unusual for me – the constant use of Friend throughout was jarring rather than intimate. They can gymnaet you ideas and direction, but in the end, you have to do it alone. I remembered the name though not anything else about her, and really enjoyed reading this book, and am glad she is happy.


Letters to a Young Gymnast

An absolutely lovely book. Jun 04, Wellington rated it really liked it. I found this part of the book to be particularly gripping.

Discover what letteds read next. You know those skills where the gymnast swings around the high bar, lets go of it, flies impossibly high in the air with her legs perfectly positioned and her toes perfectly pointed and then catches it on the other side?

Honestly told and yokng this is something I would recommend. Only 13 years old, there was no way I could have understood how being a young girl in Romania was any different than being a young girl in Canada.

Book Review: ‘Letters to a Young Gymnast’ by Nadia Comaneci

Nadia is known as the woman who scored the first perfect 10 in olympic gymnastics. Nadia was before our time but she will forever be a figurehead in competitive gymnastics. Those are the Tkatchev skills, a family of skills done on the uneven bars with a seemingly exponential number of names and nuances.

Nadia has developed into the woman that we all believed she would. I love reading autobiographies. It was interesting to hear in her own words how she ended up where she is today.

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