Kiai is a Japanese term used in martial arts for the short shout uttered when performing an attacking move. Traditional Japanese Dojo generally use single. Toate no Jutsu is a method for defeating an enemy of distance. There are secret to comprehend. There are three “kiai” (harmonized energy. Or “Can I buy a vowel for that kiai”? The kiai – Bruce Lee made it sound like a tortured chicken (imho), Fumio Demura sounds like a growling bear how do you.

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More suprising is the fact that those two Kiai are actually the most useful of them all. Like getting a punch in the belly and all the air is forced out.

He had trained in this kenjutsu for many years where two man kata were theprimary means of teaching. What I will describe here is one veiwpoint on the kiai, so many will probably disagree. Mental imagery techniques are used to teach the martial artist to imagine starting a kiai in the hara or dantian ; from a physiological perspective, this means the yell should start in the diaphragm, not the throat.

Use it to distract, to focus your energy, to tighten your core, to get the air out of your system to prevent getting winded… In my years of training I was told many different ways to properly kiai, kkiai not to the detail of a joint manipulation for example.

You can’t really expect to learn this ‘breath harmony’ from a book or a chat forum – it takes many years of practice, which may be shorter if you’ve already learned to use you diaphragm from yoga or playing a wind instrument.

For example, I did a Kiai while performing a Kata. With the klai have you stopped to think of what consonants and vowels make a good kiai, letters or letter combinations to avoid?


As you cut, breathe out and kiai “eh. They get better over time, although a kiai at an unexpected moment can still freeze them.

Kiai-Jutsu | Shuyokan Ryu Martial Arts Center

Hello Shoshinkanuk, Yes, deluded is the prime word here. The Jikishinkage’s Kiaijutsu also had four Kiai that were similar in type, but were named after the Seasons. The reason for this is, making a consonant sound juts the ‘k’ kutsu kiai restricts the breathing and slows down the expulsion of air.

My only intent was to make a proper Kiai at the correct movement in the form and I did so that person I did the Kiai in the general direction jutu didn’t really get affected. Oiai true art of the shout, or kiai jutsu in Japanese, can be an effective tool of self-defense capable of having physical effects on an adversary.

Comment- earlier in the article, they explain that a “nice deep breath” means breathing with the diaphragm. One famous martial arts teacher who seemed to demonstrate the power of kiai repeatedly was Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of aikido. Someone said I had been hit on the forehead by the chopstick. Kiaijutsu Written by Kendamu “Kiaijutsu is usually assumed to be a loud shout, but that is only its most trivial expression.

Donn was home and I went upstairs to talk. For the radio station, see KIAI. That video would make me think it was bs From what I remember about the way this was explained to me.


When the spirit is weak, the Kiai is weak and consequence so is the attack. I was living with a group of martial artists hosted in an old Meiji period house atop a hill in iutsu suburb of Tokyo called Ichigiya. Having examined the underlying esoteric principles of Kiai-Jutsu, let us now examine the actual sound of the Kiai.

The S also helps keep the abdominals engaged. Even if nothing took place afterwords, one would have not even have to doubt that they felt the sakki, or “force of the killer”, from another.


Determined to make amends, the son over several years studied the sword diligently with a number of masters before returning home to Edo now Tokyo to plead through an intermediary, who was a close friend of his kai, for reconciliation.

“K” is for “Kiai” – Kiai in Martial Arts

Where live combatives are concerned systems used regularly in combat, or the arena battle cries have practical applications and are viewed in a very pragamatic sense, “nothing special just a fighter’s shout. The same thing happens with a proper kiai.

The art of kiai suffered this fate as well. For the village in Iran, see Kiai, Iran. Articles needing additional references from June All articles needing additional references Articles containing Korean-language text Articles containing Japanese-language text. In the last few years some LEO training articles have promoted the idea that regulated abdominal breathing allows you to “control” the adrenaline rush experienced in a combative scenario.

The Ki-ai is used to clear the mind, give confidence, and also frighten an opponent. Another time, myself and two friends were having a free-for-all every-man-for-himself sparring match where we all three fought each other at the same time.

It was getting dark and as we approached the restaurant in our path were several young men jostling and pushing each other. Kiai, really is just Kiai and IMO is something that has been blown up as it has good crowd pleasing effect. When you raise, open up your chest.

Your hips cocks and your trunk cocks, your elbow and your wrist-like rubber bands. Sadly there was no name etc so i have no idea who wrote this great article.

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