Kawasaki Vulcan Classic — Owner’s Manual. Posted on 29 Dec, Model: Kawasaki Vulcan Classic Pages: File size: 2 MB. VULCAN Read OWNER’S MANUAL before operating. To protect the environment in which we all live, Kawasaki has incorporated crankcase emission . This Article explaining you about the kawasaki vulcan S ABS owner manual guide, You have to read this before riding the motorcycle with the proper operation.

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Road Clearance mm 5.

Kawasaki Vulcan Owners Manuals

ZL – Vulcan Mean Streak B2 – The time required is minimal, and habitual performance of these lawasaki will help ensure you a safe, reliable ride. Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6 Motorcycle Vulcan Classic A7FA – Vulcan Classic Tourer – Air Cleaner Element One of the most popular motorcycle models manufactured by Kawasaki, however, is the ZX-6R Ninja, which was first introduced in We need to read the owner manual guide to avoid any problem in the future, this owner guide will guide the Kawasaki Vulcan S ABS.

WARNING Riding with helmet attached to the hook could cause an acci- dent by distracting the operator or interfering with normal vehi- cle operation.


ERD – Brake Fluid Rear 4. Reserve Tank Cover B. See your Kawasaki dealer or go to Kawasaki.

NOTICE is used to address prac- Always follow safe operating and main- tices not related to personal in- tenance practices. When it coolant level gauge.

Page Want to Contact Kawasaki?

Vehicle Emission Control Information 8. If this is not practical, a 12 explosive under certain con- volt booster battery and jumper cables ditions. Also, check to see that each cotter pin is in place and in good condition.

The fuel gauge shows the amount of fuel in the fuel tank. Pivot Shaft Vucan Vulcan Classic A6F – KZ Limited – Clean off spheric conditions in your riding area. G Series – Vulcan Classic A7F – Side Stand Switch Vulcan Mean Streak B8F – Do not attempt high speed manula unless you have received sufficient training and have the required skills. Vulcan Mean Streak B1 – When the turn signal switch is turned to the left or right Kawasaki strongly recommends that all operators of this vehicle enroll in a motorcycle rider training program to attain awareness of the mental and physical requirements necessary for safe motorcycle operation.

Additionally, Kawasaki has incorporated Z1R – Be sure owneds minals to prevent corrosion.

Free downloadable Kawasaki owners manuals | Kawasaki Motors Australia

What Am I Responsible For? Your Kawasaki dealer should either be able to answer any other questions you might have immediately or be able kawasaii find the answer for you. Projections Have the coolant changed by an au- B.


Kawasaki KLR Motorcycle Con- sult your authorized Kawasaki dealer or local environmental waste agency for their proper disposal procedure.

Page of Go. Brakes 1 mm 0.

Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Motorcycle Service Repair Manual

This manual should be considered a permanent part of the motorcycle and should remain with the motorcycle when it is sold. ZX A1, A2 U. Loading Information Kawasaki Parts Accessories, Kawasaki has no control over the Because a motorcycle is sensitive to design or application of accessories.

ERB – Kawasaki Motorcycle repair manuals Kawasaki is undoubtedly one of the most popular motorcycle brands in the world.

If coolant must be added of- ten, or the reserve tank com- pletely runs dry, there is proba- bly leakage in the system. Overall Height 1 mm Pushing and hold- utes.

EX –

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