Athena [John Banville] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From the internationally acclaimed author of The Book of Evidence and Ghosts. Athena () is a novel by John Banville, the third in a series that started with The Book of Evidence and continued with Ghosts. In it a woman steps out of her. Frederick Busch. Los Angeles Times – 02 July In his 10th novel, John Banville returns to the protagonist of his eighth (“The Book of Evidence”), a sad.

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Athena (The Freddie Montgomery Trilogy, #3) by John Banville

Seizure Led to FloJo’s Death. Banville is an extraordinarily poetic author; he employs unexpected, uncommon, but perfectly chosen words as one would apply just the right banvklle of paint to a canvas. Apr 22, Mark Janowiak rated it liked it. Banville never really succeeded in making me care about the narrator or his problems, worries, and obsessions.

Which makes it a tiresome and perplexing read. Lists with This Book.

Yet the progression of subjects, with their undertones of eroticism and violence, parallel the narrator’s developing obsession in a way that, to an art historian, may aathena be clearer than the main narrative. Freddy Banvllle, the first and, really, only person in “Athena,” is endowed, for all his bumbling, fumbling ineptitude, with his author’s great gifts. But Banville just keeps going, and everything I’ve read by him has been worthwhile and I’ve still got plenty more to go. Refresh and try again.

They either die or fall off or retire or something, and you’re left with only one or two really good works. Such a wonderful style. It’s not a murder mystery, it is not a crime novel, it is not a tragic love story.

Finding Morden’s name is something of a surprise: The story is about art theft, forgery, a mysterious woman, and a passionate love affair.

Athena by John Banville | : Books

banvillw Provided with an opportunity to utilise his in-depth knowledge of art, Morrow is drawn into a sexual obsession with A, a mysterious, emotionally scarred woman, and through her into a web of deceit which return him to the dark deeds of his past. I don’t banviloe nasty explicitness, but when coupled with an academic-type grace it can strike me as inauthentic, as a sort of slumming exercise. But I should say that there are many vivid descriptions in the book of all things derelict and decrepit and decaying, and there is an undeniable dark sexiness and black humor in the writing.


At one level there is the style and the book itself, which extends his love of deception — it seems to be the third part after the Book of Evidence and Ghosts, but this is never fully revealed. Are they real or fake? Told mostly in the first person which can be very boring at times. Mar 09, Michael Battaglia rated it it was amazing. Banville was born in Wexford, Ireland.

His name is Max Morden. His name and career surfaces in in Banville’s mystery novel The Silver Swanpublished under the name of his crime-fiction-writing alter ego, Benjamin Black. Jan 25, Avd.


Indeed, randomly throughout the book, Freddie’s narrative turns away from the “general reader” and he aims his tale of woe, his comments specifically to A. But he keeps you hooked, partly with his luminous writing, partly by allowing a scrumptious lowlife character to slope onstage at just the right moment. That line is probably going to be different for everyone depending on your taste and there’s probably a subset of people trying to read any of his novels that is tempted to throw it across the room in frustration screaming, “Just say he’s in a hotel room already!

There are so many echoes of Nabokov in Athena I can barely hear Banville at times, though Nabokov rarely if ever got as explicit in his nastiness as sir Banville. Puns and anagrams aside, suspended as I am between desire and tedium, there is only one place on earth I possibly can be. Yet Banville manages to make it all compelling through the use of his prose, which seems determined to plunge the reader into a languid, dream-like affair, held together by a narrator who seems to drift in and out of his own story, sometimes settling into a scene with a startlingly concrete presence, and other times anchored to absolutely nothing at all.


It’s a brilliant conceit. The prose itself also feels Oh, and his aunt is sick. But now his wordplay amuses less; his characters’ psychological fixes appear contrived; his modernism, mannered.

Thus is the nature of a trilogy: He lived in the United States during and New and Selected Stories.

They try to make their words into flesh; they need to see the word as their beloved, and they need us to see it, as Nabokov’s Humbert said, with “bits of marrow sticking to it, and blood, and beautiful bright-green flies.

Art, Art, and more art. The style, characterization and vocabulary impressed mightily, per usual. In a sense it becomes not unlike a playland created by children under a blanket, where every fold can bring about another scene no matter which way you turn, held together by a playful dream-logic where everything makes sense because absolutely nothing makes sense.

His scores make his case. See, that doesn’t sound terribly exciting.

He is too caught up in the internal, poetic and self-absorbed voice of his unreliable narrator. Bizarre Baroque The old dilemma: Jul 07, Konstantin rated it really liked it Shelves: Banville has undoubted cratsmanship in his prose, and here manages to strike a better balance with storytelling, though as malevolent as Freddie was, this reader yearned for him to emerge from behind the shadow of the more guilless Morrow. Concerning the plot, there is a labyrinthine house wherein Morrow is accommodated, where he joyn art and becomes utterly bsnville by an inscrutable young woman.

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