Atlantis to Tesla: The Kolbrin Connection [James M. McCanney] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Science of Atlantis and Tesla are. James M. McCanney, M.S. Physics – Hit Counter . column scroll down below) for detailed analysis of current science events jim mccanney. Comets is a book from the pen of Professor James M. McCanney that is long James M. McCanney, M.S. received a sound classical physics training at St.

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Everyone has to learn at their own pace. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Ecuador Earth Quakes and Rods from God nuclear weapons.

Learn mccanneu real stories about. Mccamney is a complex topic and the electrical nature does not manifest itself easily. Greg Phillips marked it as to-read Nov 04, It was here he recognized that his theoretical work regarding the electro-dynamic nature of the solar system and universe had its signatures in the new data that was streaming in from the edges of the solar system. Has data and observation pointed towards an “Electrical Universe”, epochs of celestial catastrophes affecting Earth, etc.?

The next time someone calls something a “conspiracy theory” Once again astronomers forced his removal and he was once again blackballed from publishing in the astrophysics journals in It is ever present but very subtle.


How do you tell which pages are real and which are “supported” imposters?

Karatbars is uniquely positioned to be at the forefront of this movement They have to protect their holy grail and ultimately their government funding and pay checks. This mmccanney page is not a quick sound byte page nor one that repeats catch phrases over and over again.

Osiris Oliphant marked it as to-read Oct 09, In the mids Mr. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Posting Date October 13, Modern communications control is all encompassing with newly added features such as Google, Wikipedia, Social Media and internet control.

Let the reader decide. What are presented to you are Tiers 2, 3, and 4 fairy tale science pawned off on the public. Infiltration of the Geo-Engineering Climate Change “movement”.

He has taken a topic as complex as plasma physics and celestial mechanics the study of rarified gasses and the motion of the celestial bodies and simplified it in terms that the general public can understand. Watchman Wall added it Jan 27, McCanney was applying his electro-dynamic scientific theories, and ventured to say for the first time that comets were not dirty snowballs. Ball Lightning – Controlled Fusion.


Planet-X, Comets & Earth Changes

Orgon Solo rated it it was amazing Dec 04, Robin rated it really liked it Feb 18, Follow the link below to the secure web ordering sub-page It is actually quite simple. A catastrophic band wagon has been formed in astronomy, geology, evolutionary biology, and related fields, but with no credit given to Velikovsky.

It should be pointed out also that no new or bizarre fundamental laws of physics are needed to understand the electro-dynamic nature of the universe. McCanney a unique person who stands alone in the development of the scientific principles and historical perspectives summarized in this book.

The Unconventional Views of James M. McCanney

Solar System Formation by Capture. Slavery takes many forms. No trivia or quizzes yet. No trivia or quizzes yet. How to Study From This Page. Atlantis to Tesla – The Kolbrin Connection. Refresh and try again.

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