Jun 21, I attribute much of my success to the importance of mindset, meditation, and masterminding. You too can enjoy their benefits as well with a little. Join me and Patty Aubery, the business mastermind behind Jack Canfield Companies, on a powerful 4-day retreat that will have game-changing consequences. Jul 12, Napoleon Hill first talked about mastermind groups in his classic book Think . Follow Jack at and sign up for his free.

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The more time I have spent consciously building and nurturing my business network of advisers, colleagues, clients, students, and fans, the more successful I have become.

Success amp Goal Achievement. While you must always do the work of becoming a great success, a mastermind group can harness and maximize the spiritual focus behind your success. In fact, he said that if we are in tune with THE Mastermind—that is, God, the Universal Power or whatever term you use for the all-powerful life force, we have significantly more positive energy available to us—power that can be focused on our success.

The Canfield retreat presents an incredibly unique opportunity to connect with people from all over the world, in all different careers and lifestyles, all of whom are incredibly accomplished, interesting and committed to pushing beyond boundaries.

This life force is similar to the web of overhead cables that link those bumper cars to their masetrmind source. I recently finally made the leap of finalising my divorce and right after that I have met the most amazing man to continue my life with.


Meditation and visualization has been repeatedly proven to:. I wrote two books and am so proud that one of them is already for sale in Dutch all across Belgium and The Netherlands. View our Privacy Policy here.

The Importance of Mindset, Meditation & Mastermind

I want to be considered as one of the 26 committed people to participate in this unique private retreat Octoberin Santa Barbara, CA. Thanks for helping me shape my future. Unfortunately, that means there are usually more people who want to go than there are spaces available. Here is my story about my mastermind and a few tips on how to create your own.

Developing genuine relationships takes work. But for a mastermind group to be powerfully effective, people must be canfeild enough with each other to tell the truth.

Mastermind Your Way to Success

I have another confession to make: I was blown away by the attention that we were each given. I had high expectations of the cantield, but the Canfield Group really exceeded them.

But it was so worth the money! While you may be a single bumper car, you have a cable going up that connects you to that greater source of energy which provides the power you need to move forward. One of the most powerful tools ever used by successful people is the mastermind group.

Make 2019 the Year Everything Changes

That belief, by the way is a choice. As CEO and founder of the Canfield Training Group, I teach entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, managers, speakers, and sales professionals how to accelerate the achievement of their personal, professional and financial goals.

Of course, approaching successful people can be scary. He is exactly like I imagined in my vision book and meditations, two powerful tools Jack teaches. Hill, Carnegie, Ford, and Edison all knew, as millions of others have discovered since, that a mastermind group can focus special energy on your effort—in the form of knowledge, resources and spiritual energy, too.


Going through the process of participating in a mastermind group, you, too, might find yourself in a whole new role as a teacher or advocate or coach of sorts — leading people in the group to resources, ideas and new thoughts that can help them. Meet weekly, if possible, for an hour to an hour and a half. Relationships form when people meet and interact with each other in an authentic and caring way. Image courtesy of StartupStockPhotos.

Changing your mindset and the way you think about the world around you will open you up to new possibilities happening all around you. I help my attendees meditate in a deeply relaxed state. This excerpt includes the introduction and Chapter 1. Nestled between the rugged Santa Ynez Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, this legendary coastal destination is located on one of masterminr most beautiful cnfield of coastline in America and one of the few wild ecosystems left on the coast of California.

They had really paid attention to my goals and were prepared with thoughtful and inspiring input. Ideally, this list is focused on things you need to do to reach your stated goals.

Jack Canfield LivingWorking.

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