Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary. Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary. Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary Text Courtesy of Used by. See this online ebook: George Haydock’s Catholic Bible Commentary, edition: A Catholic Bible commentary compiled by the late Rev. HAYDOCK CATHOLIC BIBLE COMMENTARY. This Catholic commentary on the New Testament, following the Douay-Rheims Bible text, was originally.

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Online ebook: Haydock’s Catholic Bible and Commentary, 1859 edition

English Catholics enthusiastically welcomed this impressive volume that symbolized a reinvigorated Catholicism on the verge of winning its long fight to repeal the Penal Laws. I had to try to find other sources for my research and it took me forever and nothing I could find was as good or informative! His edition of the Douay Bible with extended commentary, originally published inbecame the most popular English Catholic Bible of the 19th century on both sides of the Atlantic.

Haydock remained there for eight years, “devoting himself to study, with his books all around him, lining the walls, and piled in heaps on the floors. Its substantial and continuing popularity is reflected in its long history of varied editions. However, I found that the number and length of the annotations is too great to become a modern work printable on Print-on-Demand Equipment. It would remain continuously in print until at least with a long series of publishers in England and America, and would enjoy a renewal of interest at the end of the 20th century, spurring a new series of reprints and modern digital reproductions.

A copy of his Bible is on display in the Church, to the left of the chancel near where he is believed buried. His eventful early years included a narrow scrape with the French Revolution and a struggle to complete his priestly studies in the years before Catholic Emancipation.


Since the names of Father Rayment and his associates were never mentioned, even in the earliest editions, their contribution was forgotten over the years. Among three daughters, Margaret Haydock ? Portals Access related topics.

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He thus haydocm independent sources of income which he often used to subsidize the poor missions he served. This is the best copy online, and contains the text of Scripture together with the commentary along with cross-references to other passages.

George Leo Haydock – Wikipedia

George Leo Haydock as abridged by the Very Rev. He did not live to see its completion, just two months after his death on 29 November Jerome in the Roman Rite. Haydock’s first assignment was at Ugthorpe, Yorkshire, a poor rural mission. The Bible had long been used to advance the Protestant cause. They know that the object of prohibition is the making and adoring of idols. However, modern historian Muchael A. Haydock took his text from the Challoner-MacMahon revision, but added a substantially extended commentary.

For example, in the note to Genesis 2: This error also occurs on the later yaydock of the ca. For example, in his note to Exodus During the period of Penal Laws there was no official Catholic hierarchy in England, so there were no Catholic dioceses or parishes. However, that nature did not extend to patience with those trying to take financial advantage of him. He would go on to serve poor Catholic missions in rural England.

Facebook Print Reddit Email Twitter. However, Catholics used it effectively commebtary their counteroffensive. However, rather than sending the appeals to Rome, Gradwell sent them to Penswick, who ignored them. Production began in and was completed inin a large, folio hayock. And a blessed Lent to you and yours. He and a group of colleagues compiled the New Testament portion of the commentary. This commentary was partly original and partly compiled from Patristic writings and the writings of later Bible scholars.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. Many of these found employment in the wave of railroad construction then ongoing in the Penrith area.

Bible Commentaries

His edition of dommentary Douay Bible with extended commentary, originally published inbecame the most popular English Catholic Bible of the 19th century on both sides of the Atlantic. He was ordained a priest there inand remained as a professor untilwhen the pastoral phase of his career began.

February 16, at At least 1, copies of the first edition were sold.

In believing hayrock teaching of the Holy Scriptures we are believing God directly. A laborer in this position was called a navigator or navvy ; and Irish navvies were often willing to accept wages less than their native-born counterparts.

He would go on to serve poor Catholic missions in rural England. As a result, an annoyed Smith transferred Haydock to a private chaplaincy commengary Westby Hall, Lancashire, in February 11, at May Learn how and when to remove this template message.

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