Harivarasanam, also known as Hariharasuthāshtakam, is a Malayalam/Sanskrit Hindu devotional song composed in the astakam metre. The lyrics and meaning of Harivarasanam are as follows: The temple opens in the morning with the Sanskrit ‘Suprabhatham’ ‘Vande Vigneswaram. Harivarasanam, also known as Hariharasuthāshtakam, is a Sanskrit Hindu devotional song composed in the astakam metre, recited at Sabarimala before.

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Anonymous November 24, at 5: Posted by Pramod Vittal Rao on August 12, at Posted by anagha on March 9, at 7: That is what the great Acharyas also guided us.

Everybody, I mean majority feels this is lurics to make the lord sleep, but you have clarified the correct meaning. Your browser does not support the audio element.

Harivarasanam-Lyrics and devotional song

Ramachandran on November 29, at 2: People still believe Harivarasanam is the song for sleeping Ayyappa only. It is an eye opener.

So, without any doubts Lord Ayyappa definitely comes under smartha, madhwa philosophies…. Really, I was also thinking in the same way that it was composed by Yesudoss since only he had been singing this every time he came to sannidhanam. Now when we recite this sanskrti will bein a better position to understand this.

Harivarasanam Viswamohanam Lyrics | Kalpavriksha Kamadhenu

I doubt whether Ayyappa subscribes to Madhva philosophy. Harivarasanam the most famous song dedicated to Lord Ayyappa is recited just prior to closing of the Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple doors at night. Posted by Ragav on January 29, at 2: Iyer sang this song many times after Athazha Pooja, just before closing the temple doors. Regards nagesh masoor Reply. It sqnskrit written by Kambakudi Kulathur Srinivasa Iyer, a guruswami, in He who is dear to his devotees, He who fulfills wishes, He who is praised by Vedas, He who blesses life of ascetics, He who is the essence of Vedas, He who enjoys divine music, Son of Hari and Hara, I take refuge in sanakrit God.


Monday, February 1, Meaning of Harivarasanam. Posted by Kumaran Anjumoorthy Mangalam on February 5, at 9: Blog Stats 11, have visited this site. Once again Thanks a lot…. Anand Sundaresan November 24, at 4: Sabarimala is located in the deep jungle area, and in the past a few pious devotees managed the difficult pilgrimage.

Hare KrishnaReply. Posted by krismaly on April 28, at Your efforts are praiseworthy.

Harivarasanam : The lullaby to Lord Ayyappa | Sabarimala Sree Ayyappa Temple

Thank u so much for sharing such a delightful lyrics. Respected Sir, Namasthes in milions. But some particular sanskrrit trying to give powers to God, based one a particular book and praising one God. One whose holy feet is worshipped by Surya. If I remember right, He published it in a book called. The meaning of Ayyappa songs,long awaited is made known to the devotees through this e-mail which will help them to understand the grace of Ayyappa,how he blesses HIS devotees.

Posted by karthik on December 14, at 5: I hope to see sansorit more unfolding of truth hiden in various utterences of LORD flows out of yourself with such a clarity for the consumption,digestion,and salvation of humanity.


I harivagasanam harivarasanam songs lyrics in kannada,can someone please help me out.

You are commenting using your WordPress. This page was last edited on 5 Decemberat When the Devaswom Board was formed, he was asked to move out. Posted by vanshika on January 5, at 6: Being a madhwa I do not find any harm in listening to this song. Posted by Jitesh Amin on January 16, at 1: Seems every sentence has deeper meaning Swamy Sharanam. Posted by meeraghu on April 16, at 9: Mr Pramod, thank you for sharing the lyrics.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. There is a song for Sri Krishna in the same type Sarnam Sri Krishna, if you get can you please put here.


The whole area will be filled with Sarana Manthra and every devotee feel the presence of Lord Ayyappa in their minds. Posted by MSP gupta on November 22, at 4: Posted by nageshmasoor on November 28, at 3: But, it became a sleeping song just some years later, ahrivarasanam the help of V. Thank you very much!

Here is the Harivarasanam lyrics text in Malayalam and English.

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