This paper seeks to understand the outbreaks and the development of grisi siknis , a form of mass spirit possession among the Miskitu of. Miskito villages line the Atlantic coasts of Nicaragua and Honduras. Nietschmann ( 47) estimated the number of Miskito speakers in Nicaragua at in. Grisi siknis (which literally means “crazy sickness”), is characterized by long periods of anxiety, dizziness, fear, and irrational anger. The most.

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Further research that seeks to understand other forms of involuntary mass spirit possession should emphasize the social, personal and environmental context as well as cross-cultural comparisons in order to encompass fully the role of culture in relation to illness and suffering.

This page grisk last edited on 20 Mayat Some scholars in the country conclude that it is due to the extreme poverty that the Miskito people endure and that was worsened by Hurricane Felix of September The last major outbreak of grisi siknis ggrisi in and affected dozens of Miskito communities throughout the region for 20 years.

Thus western trained doctors were left to only aid and support the healers because of their effectiveness with the illness. I believe culture is the sharing of beliefs and values within a group of people.

Cultural Politics and Health: The paper argues that the phenomenon should no longer be considered a ‘culture-bound condition’ but in fact a Miskitu version of involuntary mass spirit possession. Griwi of the victims were girls.

In the news article mentioned they tried using anti-convulsive drugs and anti-depressants but that they were ineffective. Mr Taylor is one of five healers sent to Raiti, where 25 of the 60 sufferers are sikbis to be responding well to treatment. Most of the victims are young girls from 15 to 18 years old.


Grisi siknis

University of Puerto Rico. Grisi Siknis is a very prevalent illness for the people of the Miskito tribe.

Traditional Miskito belief, says Dennis, holds that grisi siknis is the result of evil spirits or black sorcerers. Other cases have appeared in three other nearby communities.

I would define culture as the similar beliefs and traditions between a group of people that involve lifestyle, spiritual, and similar ways of life that make them different from another group of people. Views Read Edit View history. Link retrieved on 20 March During the attacks, sufferers attempt to flee their communities with their eyes closed, seizing any weapon they can find with which they appear to try to defend themselves against invisible attackers.

grizi I feel sikniss this illness should be considered a CBS because I think that the ways of life of the Nicaraguan people may cause them to go into these madness episodes. In all cases, the patients have the same symptoms: An advantage to labeling the illness as a CBS is to make it more well known. I agree with the fact that illness does not only involve the interruption of your physical health but also your mental state.

Nicaragua village in grip of madness

CS1 Spanish-language sources es Frisi dmy dates from January According to the American Psychiatric Association, a Western medical condition similar in many aspects to culturally bound syndromes, particularly the “running” syndromes, of which grisi siknis is xiknis, is dissociative or psychogenic fugue.


Dr Levy confirmed that the Miskito healers were leading the fight to bring the outbreak under control. The causes of grisi siknis are unknown, says the American Psychology Associationbut the prevailing Western theory calls this syndrome a “psychological disorder due to stress, upheaval and despair”. Then moving onto Miskito healers many of the victims were reported to being healed 15 to 30 days later, using the ancient silnis of the native healers.

Retrieved from ” https: Most commonly the illness is found to strike women but is known to ransack through entire villages.

Culture, Illness, and Healing. A different approach to studying this condition could involve different research trials to try and pinpoint the origin of the condition and try to find a solution to fixing the problem.

Involuntary mass spirit possession among the Miskitu.

Cases of grisi siknis were registered in Nicaragua in March in Puerto Cabezas and Siuna where many students of the National Institute of Technology and other schools, suffered attacks. More recently cases occurring amongst people of Spanish descent have also been reported.

Seven cases were reported in neighbouring Namahka last week, where one year-old girl is said to have died. I thought that this sickness was very interesting to read about because it reminded me of someone basically having a nervous breakdown.

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