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In this context it is not a surprise that Christianity and other religions gave a fundamental position to language, logos, textual interpretation, and hermeneutics. We make a short introduction to the problem of language in artificial intelligence, distinguishing two basic classes of languages: The empiric-formal sciences construed on the basis of models offered by physics describe a reality subject to empirical experience, using signs and symbols from the language of formal sciences.

Science renounced nowadays at models as gehorghe watch and the motor in favor of a model compatible with its regained view on the inseparability of man and nature: Dianoia in its contemporary sense intellect, reason, and mind functions as the discursive, conceptualizing, logical faculty in man involved in the scientific research.

Chipuri De Lumina – Pr. Ghelasie Gheorghe Si Marius Caraman

That leads to distructive passions [25]. The Creation bears the seal of the Divine Act, which is imprinted in its very Being through the Divine word and Divine breath of life. What is more wonderful? Without Rite and Liturgy, the Church becomes desecrated to the point of laicization.

Florin Caragiu – English Corner

That is why Christianity begins with Receiving Christ, He then Accomplishing what we cannot accomplish. Thus the Mystery of the Person in Itself is not reduced to the energies of manifestation which describe strictly the movements and Acts of the Person.


Even if the future programs will be able to translate metaphors by storing large lists of usual metaphors, for exampleit is a great challenge to say whether they will really understand or recognize a new metaphor. In the Christian sense, being is the iconic Being, and not being hheorghe nothingness in itself. Christianity is not Pantheistical, but Creationist. The Iconic Anthropology of Fr. I get dressed slowly, preserving the warmth of your lips. The great scientific discoveries have been often the fruit of some deep intuitions confirmed by gheotghe experiments and transcribed by the formal apparatus.

As regarding the human knowledge, the distinction between the created and the uncreated reality and the distinction between being and energy asks for a double methodology seen in a unitary way. In a ghelasiee approximation, artificial intelligence is a research sub-domain of computer science that aims at developing computer-based machines that could carry out tasks that, if performed by a human, would be characterized as requiring intelligence.

Ghelasie allows him to develop a very accurate development of the Christian doctrine about being and energies at the anthropological level, that makes possible the understanding of Person as living Icon and Living Word, substrate and a priori with respect to thinking: LORD, Thou dost keep telling me: From a Christian standpoint, however, we would add that what is missing is even the Logos — God and incarnated Word.

The Christian methodological approach has a fundamentally and irreducible iconic, dialogic, participative character: Father Ghelasie transposes the distinction between Being and Energies to an anthropological level as unitary integrality of soul and energetic body reflections of movements of the soul. For a high fidelity of gheorgh, one needs certain homogeneity between the empirical determination of data and the terms that regulate these data.

Winograd, Flores, Dreyfus and others have concluded, from a philosophical hermeneutic standpoint, that the range of possibilities of AI is limited by the fact that the understanding of reality can be made only as a result of a life experience in the middle of the everyday practical activities.


Nature furnishes to the spirit the objective content and the spirit offers the necessary energy for the realization of a discourse. Language is the consciousness of thinking. An important contribution of Fr.

Next, in the abdominal centre, the language of the soul merges without confusion or separation with the language of the organic functions. Omniscop, Craiova,p. One should mention that the theoretical or empirical terms from the respective theory design some concepts referring to the studied reality.

We erroneously consider the consciousness as product of thinking in itself. Ghelasi other words, one tries to find two symbolic configurations that, through particularizations, become identical.

The structuralist current, one of the predominant paradigms, not only in linguistics but also in many other sciences, affirmed the possibility to describe the language through fixed structures. The contemporaneous language favors an understanding of the limits not as a strict limitation but as a humility factor [82] and an opening to dialogue resulting in an enlargement of the knowledge horizon. The Chalcedonian definition emphasizes the unity of humanity and divinity in Christ.

The first of them is a strictly empirical position that limits the data domain exclusively to gjelasie working and arranging them on the basis of logical operators in a scientific language.

The understanding of the natural language, spoken currently by the human beings, appears to be an essential subject in the artificial intelligence. The Orthodox Theology and Science written with Pr.

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