Lehmann also believes that his aristocratic name “Soulié de Morant” was a forgery, and that he was born simply Georges Soulié. George Soulié de Morant went to China at the turn of the century, where he served as French Consul for Shanghai and as a judge in the French Concession in. “George Soulié de Morant was born in Paris on December 2, His father, Leon, an engineer who participated in the Mexican War, had met his mother.

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It was nominated for a Nobel prize and provided the foundation for French acupuncture. Not only his name and his titles of nobility were forged, but parts of the teachings of the man who introduced acupuncture to Europe were also invented. In particular, his fifth book, “Treatments,” was invaluable because it was arranged much like a homeopathic repertory and could be easily ve. Andrew Georeg marked it as to-read Jun 30, Unless the machine’s owners were guaranteed the typesetting job, and prepaid, we would need to start from scratch.

Aspects of a International City: This level of practical detail has since teorge achieved only in specialised sections of technical works, but never on this scale. September, Hardcover; pages; 8. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The text is divided into 5 parts: As for geirge consular nominations when he was only in his mid-twenties, Lehmann argues that they are certainly false.

He was a man of great talent, and became the only European to be recognized as a Chinese doctor by the Chinese themselves.

George Soulié de Morant

Rh Hr marked it morannt to-read Jul 28, It was nominated for a Nobel prize and provided the foundation for French acupuncture. The first two volumes of the present text were published aroundand became the basis for his nomination for a Nobel Prize in Faizal Fazrin marked it as to-read Dec 01, According to the Ed of Chinese Medicine by Wong and Wu, an epidemic of plague and typhus occurred roughly around that time, but in Hong Kong and Fuzhou in Jiangxi.


Haichen marked it as to-read Jun 18, Maria Cris marked it as to-read Dec 23, This morannt of practical detail has been achieved since only in specialized sections of technical works, but never again at this scale.

Among those interested in acupuncture in the early ‘s, this discouraged further research because people were looking for technical instruction and assumed that Soulie de Morant’s Chinese Acupuncture would thus be like Oshawa’s writings.

[George Soulié de Morant : the first French expert in acupuncture].

Katie marked it as to-read Oct 30, This changed the character of the project because it was now unlikely, if not impossible, for “L’Acuponcture Chinoise” to find the endorsements it would need to successfully compete with T.

The Possibilities of Acupuncture. His published articles attracted the attention of two French physicians, who invited him to work with them in their hospital departments. He was the first to argue that there was no need to emphasize the incompatibilities between Chinese and Western medicines, and the first to propose hundreds of practical correlations with science.

Chinese Acupuncture by George Soulié de Morant

When we refused, we were told we could have no further copies of the manuscript. Katherine marked it as to-read Jun 07, The Transformation of Energy. Acupuncture Energy Medicine Health Fraud. Their total sample size was in excess of He remained in China for almost two decades, winning Chinese acceptance and gaining entrance to the highest circles of Chinese society. The Chinese consider that any criticism or fundamental discussion would jeopardize that morabt.

The legend goes that he was omrant in Mandarin before going to China, and that once there, he ve learned Mongolian. Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of Volume Five, a detailed treatment repertoire, is still the largest of its kind in a Western language.


Thus, Chinese Acupuncture has conveyed the ideals of the Chinese medical arts to Western doctors and acupuncturists, capturing the imagination of an entire generation of physicians and continuing to inspire those who write or practice today. The book is universally recognized not only as a unique and historic achievement but also as one of the best, most detailed, and most practical of clinical texts. Paul spent three weeks in Paris where George’s heirs kindly gave him access to the original notecards GSDM used to prepare the book.

The manuscript languished in a desk drawer in our mailroom.

Order from our distributor. This time, its theories were based on the laws of meridians where points distant from the affected areas are needled according to intricate algorithms.

Anne rated it really liked it Dec 10, This evidence indicates that the use of specific meridians, points, and particular types of stimulation are not critical factors independent of conditioning, expectancy or other neuropsychological factors.

Moska Daniel marked it as to-read Jun 10, Although his life’s work was to be acupuncture, his literary output was voluminous and covered every aspect of Chinese life.

For example, during most of the early ‘s there were strong opinions expressed about the “five elements” as an opposition to T. Special Points of Each Meridian. Arguments about symptomatic versus root acupuncture were hotly contested and the acupuncture Soulie de Morant reported fit neither of these ideas. Marvellous Points of the Trunk. Various Actions of the Meridians.

Judie Amer marked it as to-read Nov 04, That left no inexpensive option. To ask other readers questions about Chinese Acupunctureplease sign up. Austin Bunton marked it as to-read Nov 16, Mac marked it as to-read May 19, Matt Barnes rated it it was amazing Mar 11,

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