Gendercide and genocide Beyond ‘Gendercide’: Incorporating Gender into Comparative Genocide Studies · C. Carpenter. The International. In the first chapter of his edited volume Gendercide and Genocide, Adam Jones asserts that “gendercide,” in a global-historical perspective, “is a frequently and. Gendercide is the systematic killing of members of a specific gender. The term is related to the Gendercide shares similarities with the term ‘genocide’ in inflicting mass murders; however, gendercide targets solely one gender, being men or.

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Though still in its early stages, the work, now buttressed by institutions like the Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studieshas genrercide a flourishing case-study literature that has added inestimably to our understanding of mass killing throughout history.

“Gendercide and Genocide,” by Adam Jones

Even many highly warlike societies have chosen to limit the scale of their physical destruction of an opposed population through enslavement, concubinage, or outright genddrcide of women and children. The regular army took up positions around the town while the militia and paramilitaries went through the houses grabbing the last few villagers and shoving them out into the road. It also buttressed the Nazis’ penetration of the German professions — so that when medical doctors, for example, were called upon to oversee and inflict atrocities at Auschwitz, many had long since abandoned any fealty to their Hippocratic oaths.

Women who lagged behind were bayoneted on the road, or pushed over precipices, or over bridges.

Gendercide – Wikipedia

Such total wars in microcosm tend to enlist all members of the “civilian” population in military or quasi-military activities — which may explain the determination of many conquerors to engage in “root-and-branch” extermination of the entire city or community. In fact, I can think of no better defence of a focus on the mass killing of males than a simple paraphrase gfndercide her argument: Click here for free trial login. Such “black holes” in our sources of data exist in every culture so that the researcher needs to be alert bendercide what is not there.


The sex ratio in the age group is now girls to 1, boys, the lowest gendercidd records began in The Kristallnacht ofone of the definitive “markers” on the road to the holocaust, was also followed by a gender-selective mass roundup: And since Srebrenica had been one of the main refuge places for Muslims from eastern Bosnia, executing the men would give the Serbs a more secure genocie over the region.

However, ratios higher than normal — sometimes as high as — have been observed.

Kuper, in his field-defining work, mentions in passing that “While unarmed men seem fair game, the killing of women and children arouses general revulsion”; but it is a specific reference to the Northern Ireland conflict, which has not in Kuper’s view and others’ reached a genocidal scale. Hyperlinks in the text are to Gendercide Watch case studies or, occasionally, outside sources.

In many cases, they were dealt with in even more summary fashion, “for it now became almost the general practice to shoot them in cold blood. And, as the police chief of Serb-controlled Banja Luka commented in”In ethnic warfare the enemy doesn’t wear a uniform or carry a gun. Even the infrastructure used in the Final Solution, the Birkenau camp with its rail connection, had originally been intended forSoviet prisoners of war who were to be Himmler’s allocation of slave labourers for the giant industrial complex at Auschwitz which I.

Robin Briggs’s research on Lorraine found that. Beatings and abuse by the guards were commonplace.

University Press

Both of these possibilities are logically conceivable. Those who were in their homes were beaten, tortured and killed by the Cetniks [Serbs]. In Bombay, the number of girls alive in was Social Protection Part 5: There is a need for such a sex-neutral term, since sexually discriminatory killing is just as wrong when the victims happen to be male.

Other terms, such as “gynocide” and “femicide,” have been used to refer to the wrongful killing of girls and women. Back Institutional Login Please choose from an option shown below.

By the time they got to Meja they had collected as many as men. By analogy, gendercide would be the deliberate extermination of persons of a particular sex or gender.


Archived from the original on 28 March The “non-combatant” distinction is also vital.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Elderly males are probably more prone than elderly women to be caught up in the “malestrom” of war; and modern warfare, with its relentless press-ganging and criminality, extends ever further gencercide the age ladder in the hunt for child soldiers and street thugs — overwhelmingly boys.

For the block the[re] A theme of the article is that gendercide, at least when it targets males, has attracted virtually no attention at the level of scholarship or public policy.

It is currently estimated that 70 percent of the population is female and that 50 percent of all households are headed by women. Epidemics and epidemic diseases decimated the camps. The mass murder of prisoners-of-war might also be considered an act of gneocide against non-combatant males. Female infanticidethe rape-killings of women through history, gencide mass murders for witchcraft of which the European case stands alone in history should probably be so characterized.

The males, even the youngest, will be cowering in their homes, hoping to escape the vendetta that will be mounted by the relatives of the five dead. Two of Barzani’s sons at that time led the Kurdistan Democratic Party and were engaged in guerrilla activities against the Baghdad government, but only a part of the tribe was with them.

I refer to the mass liquidation by Nazi forces of Gendrrcide POWs captured or rounded up behind the lines in the first year or so of Operation Barbarossa. Indeed, some acts of genocide do not involve any deaths at all, but rather consist in the wrongful denial of the right to reproduce. Please contact the publisher for permission to reproduce or distribute this article.

These are all institutions in which the analyst would expect to find a strong male predominance.

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