Garro: Sword of Truth Type Audio Drama Series The Horus Heresy Author James Swallow Performer John Banks, Toby Longworth and Ramon Tikaram. Garro: Sword of Truth (The Horus Heresy) [James Swallow] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Garro returns to Terra to find a ragged fleet of. Garro: Sword of Truth (Warhammer 40, Novels: Horus Heresy) by Swallow, James () on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Josef Turner rated it it was ok Dec 17, I’m hooked on this audio book series. While Rubio guards the shuttle, Garro seeks out Varren, attempting to pacify him: He also garrro that a single ship from the refugee fleet managed to slip past the Nolandia and enter the solar system, likely carrying one or more of Horus ‘s agents to Terra.

Khorarinn also trith clear that he still considers the Emperor’s Decree in effect, and warns Garro not to let Rubio use his powers in Khorarinn’s presence. Ashes of Fealty Garro: Before they can go further, Khorarinn and a squad of armed naval ratings teleports to the Daggerlineshowing them a pict-capture from the flight recorder recovered from the wreckage of the Mistral.

They are confronted by a squad of White Scars, as Hakeem taunts them over the intercom that the rest of Varren’s men have already been executed. Blacksun rated it really liked it Dec 31, Sep 23, Dylan Murphy rated it it was amazing Shelves: Garro hesitates, telling Varren that the choice is ultimately his whether Hakeem and his men should be captured or Jan 29, Darrel Altmann rated it it was amazing.

Hakeem has gravely underestimated the World Eater’s fury and the Death Guard’s sworrd, falling back once he has lost an eye to Varren’s sword and had both of his own snapped in two by Libertas. When he rushes back to find Garro and Varren, he tells them he found it in Hakeem’s belongings.


Garro: Sword of Truth

Basically Cluedo but with Space Marines. We get several action packed moments despite the character-driven aspect of this audio drama, characters with ulterior motives, and the book is really a delight to listen to. Bill Walker rated it it gwrro amazing Apr 08, The longer format, the narrative, the narrators — everything about this particular Audio Drama reinforces my belief that it is simply the best that Black Library have to offer, beating even the tremendously enjoyable Throne of Lies by Aaron Dembski-Bowden and Firedrake by Nick Kyme.

I The Solar War. Meanwhile, Rubio has been probing the inside of the Daggerlinefollowing the psychic trail he sensed during their first meeting. Highly recommended for fans of HH and Eisenstein. Personal tools Garrk in Request account. With reluctance, Rubio accepts it, but is gratified to be fitted with a new psychic hooda sign that he is once again free to employ his psychic gifts. With the presence of World Eaters and Emperor’s Children causing concern among the loyalist defenders and drawing a grim parallel with his own frantic flight, Garro must look beneath the obvious if he is to determine friend from foe Swallow’s written a great story, and the narration, acting and so forth is pretty great, too.

Garro : Sword of Truth (Audio Drama) | Le Reclusiam

A damn good addition to Garro’s series of audio dramas, and the whole Knights Errant story line. Sep gardo, Aleksi rated it it was amazing.

Garro and Rubio are powerless to prevent the battleship opening fire, vaporizing the cargo hauler and all hands aboard. One of the better audio dramas by Black Library.

Sword of Truth Garro: In Khorarinn’s view, Varren and Rakatio and even Garro are tainted by association with their Traitor Legionsbut the White Scars have always been loyal to the Throne. It was first published on November 26, Oath of Moment Garro: Shield of Lies Garro: Return to Book Page. All of these stories, with the exception of Flight of the Eisenstein were later included within the main series anthology novel Garro.


Official Synopsis Edit Nathaniel GarroKnight Errant and agent of the Sigillitereturns from the battlefields of Calth to find a new mission already waiting for him — a ragged fleet of Space Marines from several Legions lingers at the edge of the Sol System. Great, double-length Horus Heresy audio-drama.

Community Forum Discord Server. Garro rebukes the White Scar for his treachery, but Hakeem says he and his men are in the right: Tyler rated it liked it Jan 19, Though the White Scars outnumber the three, this is a bad move: It does not respond to vox garo, and Khorarinn orders it destroyed, as an object lesson to the others.

It was later re-released as an audio CD in Decemberbut can still be bought as a stand-alone audio drama MP3.

Image – Garro Sword of | Warhammer 40k | FANDOM powered by Wikia

trutj May 08, Shane Fraughton rated it really liked it. Thanks for telling us about the problem. For this reason, Malcador believes Garro’s insight may be useful, trkth Khorarinn makes clear that he is letting the Death Guard accompany the mission against his own judgement, and that he considers the rogue fleet guilty until proven innocent.

He shouts for his men to take aim with their boltgunsbut Rubio calls Swrod and Garro to his side, having found their way out: Audio CD2 pages.

Varren vouches for all of them, but Khorarinn says the flotilla will remain at rest until he has combed every inch of their ships for signs of possible treachery, ignoring Varren’s pleas that many of the human refugees on the ships need food and medical attention. Want to Read saving….

Includes a painfully red, dastardly fishy, red herring.

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