A Parisian antique dealer with a lust for corpses indulges his macabre fetish in this faux shocking novella by the late Wittkop (–). THE NECROPHILIAC BY GABRIELLE WITTKOP. Last Christmas I decided I was going to buy my mother some books. She has always been a. The Necrophiliac, Wittkop’s first novel, is structured as a series of entries in the diary of Lucien, the eponymous corpse-lover and owner of.

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Artists who like to shock readers out of the conventional proprieties can be accused of doing it just to get a rise out of us, so to speak.

Less convincing is the narrator’s other claim, that: The narrative structure does appear simple enough: Only an exceptional writer can make necrophilia seem more appealing than appalling. Yes, “The Necrophiliac” is not just a clever title; it’s a story about a man who makes love to the dead and uses every opportunity to do so.

Do I want other people to know that this is what I am reading?

The first page shows Lucien describing a little girl whose body he is inspecting and how he obtained this body is not made clear but we will eventually learn the many ways Lucien courts the dead. Wittkpp one or two reservations.


But what is on the surface the story of a transgressive freak has cosmic implications for all of us. The narrator also has some standards: This book is basically something pages of shock value with no clear plot beyond the protagonist retrieves and molests a variety of corpses, which becomes redundant after you complete the first interlude.

The morbid nature of the book sucks you in, and when I began the book, I finished it too soon. May 18, Anita Dalton rated it it was amazing Shelves: This site uses cookies. Necrophilixc are so emotional and beautiful, that you start thinking that we “ordinary” people do not have such emotional relationships, such passion in our lives. Lucien is a fascinating person though. There are numerous disturbing, and quite graphic, descriptions of sex with dead gabridlle, more than one of whom are children [including a baby].


Each entry is written in disturbing detail but with a loving, romantic and delicate feel that balances out the feelings of horror and disgust that his actions provoke. Well, part of the reason is that I have lately found myself running short on books to read, and have, as a result, turned to more genre fiction, the kind of thing that I have until now not fully explored.

The Necrophiliac by Gabrielle Wittkop. I kept her for almost two weeks, barely sleeping, feeding myself with what I found in the fridge, drinking too much at times. Orthofer5 August Wittkop, via Lucien, writes in impressively fluid, elegant sentences, that are reminiscent of Vladimir Nabokov or the great Italian author Giuseppe Tomasi de Lampesdusa. He experiences a complete breakdown during his last affair and it feels very much like Lucien planned it that way, tiring of a life wherein those he loves will always be taken from him within gagrielle or weeks of discovering them.

With one or two reservations.

The Necrophiliac

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The Notebook by Anelise Chen. The way he looks at death might be described as liberating. This book is a volume of pure poetry. Please note that these ratings solely represent the complete review ‘s biased interpretation and subjective opinion of the actual reviews and do not claim to accurately reflect or represent the views of the reviewers.

His candour at times can be downright shocking: This is, after all, a family newspaper.

MAKE Literary Productions, NFP | Review: The Necrophiliac by Gabrielle Wittkop

Subscribe Get future issues necrophiiliac buy back issues. Lucien is very expressive, and it was especially interesting how, for him, the dead had vastly different personalities.

This, as one might surmise, not a book for the faint of heart. The wttkop of an erudite and cultured connoisseur of the pleasures dead flesh.

The creepiest thing about this very unsettling work is not what the narrator does — which is quite decorously presented — but the conviction that is conveyed: Dec 08, [P] rated it liked it. Do I want to be seen with this? It is in diary form, recording the amorous exploits of one Lucien, an antiques shop owner who exclusively prefers to have sex with the dead sex and age immaterial, we learn.


Yet, there is such intelligence and care in this novella it’s as if she dares you to read it despite the revolting aspect necrophilisc Lucien. There are numerous disturbing, and quite graphic, descriptions of sex with dead people, more than one of whom are children [including a baby].

The storyline reminded me a lot of Perfume by Patrick Suskind. He has no sexual or age preference, rather concentrating on specific people who are compelling to him. There is an intentional discrepancy, a kind of disconnect, between the consistently appalling content and the sophisticated style.

Lucien reveals that his younger self was masturbating [quite innocently, it seems] when he found out that his mother had died, and therefore one could see this as forming in his mind some kind of connection between sex and death. The only flaw in the whole thing is the somewhat unimaginative and all too neat explanation for how and why Lucien is how he is.

For fourteen days, Necropphiliac was unspeakably happy. Certainly, The Necrophiliac is not for the squeamish — as, for example, in the descriptions of Henri, who died of scarlet fever at age six yes, the necrophiliac is willing to have a go at anything, regardless of age, sex, or physical condition and whom he clings to for a bit too long: Lucien is an elitist, a connoisseur.

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