updated 4/18/ see parts in red Embedded readings helped me scaffold this story: I have always loved this story by García Márquez but. Story can be easily found online: html Standards: FLIL.A.A.1 – Identify the main idea and some. In works by Gabriel García Márquez and Emiliano P.. Tension and Struggle in La Prodigiosa Tarde de Baltazar by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Todos Tienen.

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This course is divided into two semesters. The team that cannot build a word from the previous one loses. The students are asked to analyze the pieces through class discussions and compositions using advanced grammatical constructions and literary terms.

This is the original version of the story, with a lot of scaffolding in the form of side notes. Students tzrde this on their own. Here is how I approached this story for my AP language class: He did not even know that for some people the cage he had just made was the most beautiful one in the world. But her annoyance dissolved in the face of the finished cage. He was very pale and his eyes were starting to get red. Since it was the first time he had ever been out drinking, by bzltazar he was completely drunk, and he was taking about a fabulous project of a thousand cages, at sixty pesos each, and then of a million cages, till he had sixty million pesos.

He had put the cage on the dining-room table. All course work is done in Spanish. This version is a little more complex as it uses the actual text of the story. In truth, Jose Montiel was not as rich as he seemed, but he would have been capable of doing anything to become so.

Only Spanish is used in both instruction and student participation. The child jumped up, embraced the cage which was almost as big as he was, and stood looking at Balthazar through the wirework without garciw what to say.


AP Spanish Literature

In I reformatted the final reading to include a few questions and, most importantly, very wide margins on the left hand where I require them to take notes about vocabulary that they do not understand. The doctor turned his head. Then she opened the door to the living room and found a crowd in front of the house, and Balthazar with the cage in the middle of the crowd, dressed in white, freshly shaved, with that expression of decorous candor with which the poor approach the houses of the wealthy.

There is a continuation of grammar instruction to enable students to express their ideas using a variety of higher order grammatical constructions. When she went to bed, almost at midnight, Balthazar was in a lighted room where there were little tables, each prodigoosa four chairs, and an outdoor dance floor, where the plovers were walking around.

AP Spanish Literature

Translating research into useful classroom ideas. Click HERE to download the more recent version of the final story. I have many heritage speakers in my class who really needed this step in order to not be intimidated by the original version. A variety of essay types is used each modeling after the AP literature exam.

Gadcia, we choose a main theme of the reading. Superburguesas Book Trailer https: The students and teacher are required to only use Spanish in class discussions and writing activities. When he finished dressing, Balthazar opened the door to the patio to cool off the house, and a group of children entered the dining room.

On different occasions, because of his skill and forthright way of dealing, he had been called in to do minor carpentry garcis. The goals for the student activities are: He was smoothly and delicately fat, like a woman who had been beautiful in her youth, and he had delicate hands.

At that hour, at his house, Ursula was singing a very old song and cutting slices of onion. He approached the child, smiling, and held the cage out to him. He used to think about them about their ugly and argumentative wives, about their tremendous surgical operations, and he always experienced a feeling of pity. Ursula had paid little attention to it until then.


AP Spanish Literature: La Prodigiosa Tarde de Baltazar

There are still df notes on vocabulary provided in the right margins. He was such a cautious man tard he slept without an electric fan so he could watch over the noises of the house while he slept. He was giving himself an urgent alcohol rub, in order to come out and see what was going on. Analyzing literature using basic vocabulary terms to define the themes or ideas that each author intended.

The doctor kept looking at the cage. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Students were engaged because they could see exactly what was new, yet they were able to follow the story easily.

La prodigiosa tarde de Baltazar

We then created a class story together about what happened the next day when Baltazar awoke shoeless in the street. The students are asked to look for words that demonstrate the theme.

The fifth year course is even more challenging because it presupposes a high level of language ability and requires a considerable amount of reading as well as the acquisition of analytical skills.

So many people came to see it that a crowd formed in front of the house, and Balthazar had to take it down and close the shop. Drying the sweat from his neck with a handkerchief, he contemplated the cage silently with the fixed, unfocused gaze of one who looks at a ship tagde is sailing away.

Baltasar Flashcards Grammar checker. We first brainstorm the various themes of a work. I have no intention of paying you a cent. The AP writing guidelines are used along with my own rubric.

For each work, gabtiel students are required to organize them by including the genre and a line from the work that demonstrates the theme well.

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