Find great deals for Endress Hauser Prosonic FMU Ultrasonic Transmitter Measuring System. Shop with confidence on eBay!. matrix fmu – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. FMU Ultrasonic Measurement Operating Instructions. FMU FMU FMU Endress + Hauser The Power of Know How.

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The operating unit mounted in the control panelor rack must be grounded!

The operating manual is structured as follows: The relay is in the de-energized state dropped out when the normally closedcontact is closed. If the entire bar chart is lit and the triangle to the right is also lit, then the currentsignal is larger than 20 mA signal is exceeded. The electricallyisolated parts are separated bylines shown in half-tone.

Analog Input, Empty, Counter. The length unit is changed inmatrix field V8H3. Guidelines for planning and commissioning1. The echoes partially reflected are detected by thesame sensor, now acting as a receiver, and converted back into an electrical signal. You can enter amaximum of 32 pairs of values. Replace it by fmmu numerical value of your unit of measurement.

Spreading the measuring range: On FMUthe two current outputs are electrically connected,likewise the two sensors inputs.

V9H2 Last diagnostic code but one The last diagnostic code but one can be readoff and deleted. An overvoltage protection unit in an IP 66 protective housing is recommended toprotect the transmitter from voltage peaks especially when mounted in the open. The fault function can be assigned to any of the relays see Section 9. After activating linearization, these points are sorted according to increasing leveland subjected to a plausibility check.

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This isnecessary if the sensor is heated with the FDU 80 or FDU 81 only as required or if thetemperature is not to be measured inside the sensor. Changing over the current output to In a protective housing IP 66 for wall or post mounting in the field or control room In a separate operating unit for control panel mounting, when the board withthe transmitter electronics can be mounted separately.

Endresse Hauser FMU Ultrasonic measurement | Vikat Ekinox

The channel is easily identified on the display: With a working contact a normally open thecurrent path u-a is open when the relay isde-energized and closed when it is energised. After determining the length units, this can only be altered when all otherparameters are also changed. The measurement is independent of product characteristics such as specific weight, conductivity, viscosity mfu constant.

Liquiphant breaker or maker passive FDUMax. The operating matrix is given at the back of this manual. Also for all flow data the numerical values entered must refer to the same unitas defined in V8H4. Steps 5 to 8 must be repeated until thelevel and the volume have been entered for all points.

Relays Prosonic FMU QV 40,09 1. Controls Prosonic FMU The LED of a relay for counting pulses briefly flashes at every counting pulse maximum pulse rate of the relay 1 Hz.

Manual Prosonic Fmu 860

Installation Prosonic FMU Units of length may only be altered immediately after a reset of the transmitter After determing the length unit, this can only be mfu when 680 other parametersare also changed. The code isexplained in this table. Separate switching input e.

All terminals are clearly marked. For FMU we recommend that, after the basic settings, channel 1 should first beadjusted and linearized, then channel 2. Mountingmaterial screws or nuts for post mounting and the all weather protective cover isenclosed.

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Explosion hazardous areaSymbol used in drawings to indicate explosion hazardous areas. Modes 2 and 3 and 9 for flow measurement are described in chapter 5. Do not ground the shield and lay to the transmitter without any electrical break. The menu Group Select calls up thematrix The bars show menu headings. If a value is entered whichexceeds the measuring range of the sensor,the transmitter assumes the default value. Signal below Signal above The ultrasonic echo can cmu be evaluated for roughly 5 minutes after the entryof the sensor type.

Main value 1 and flow counterIn order to transmit main value 1 and the flow counter, select the modules in the fol-lowing order: Reset the Prosonic FMU.

Endress+hauser Prosonic FMU Manuals

For two-channel units the fmy of both sensors must beentered. Step Matrix Entry Meaning1 V2H0 0 Choose linearization linear 2 – E Confirm entryHorizontal cylindricalvesselIn this mode the Prosonic FMU utilizes a linearization table valid for all horizontal,cylindrical vessels to gmu the volume from the level of the filling.

With a normally closed contact r the currentpath u-r is closed when the relay isde-energized and open when it is energisedExternal limit switch The setting of the external limit switch acts on all the relays.

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The LED belonging to it lights upwhen operation is free from fault. Set the bus addres according to the table below.

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