Orthodox Mezmur. likes · 13 talking about this. Eritrean And Ethiopian Orthodox Mezmur. P’ent’ay is an Amharic and Tigrinya language term for a Christian of a Protestant denomination, of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo and Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo churches. All of the four main churches and others also share and listen to various gospel singers, mezmur (gospel music) producers and choirs. Stream Kalat Hisan New Eritrean Orthodox Mezmur by Henos Efrem from desktop or your mobile device.

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Evangelicals in Ethiopia believe that one should be saved by believing in Jesus as Lord and Saviour for the forgiveness of sins. It will be a time of seemingly endless misery and a test of your faith in me.

Therefore, most Ethiopian P’ent’ay Christians use the history of the Ethiopia Orthodox Christianity prior to the s as their own history. Since Oneness Pentecostals deny the historic Christian doctrine of the Trinitythey are rejected by the P’ent’ay Christians of Ethiopia.

Even though Mulu Wongel church was closed by the government, its two choir eritrrean, the Mulu Wongel choir and Tsion choir continued to develop and sing uniquely Ethiopian songs across the county.

According to Voice of the Martyrs there have been brutal killings of P’ent’ay Christians in rural areas that tend to be overlooked by the Ethiopian rural officials and stay undisclosed to international organizations.

Listen to Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Mezmur now.

When SIM continued its movement after a brief ban during Ethiopia’s war with Italy, it is written that the missionaries were taken aback by the fruits of their initial mission. Although almost all Evangelical branches in Ethiopia have one or two theological differences or different approaches in the interpretation of the Bible, all of the four major branches follow the beliefs common to born-again Christians of the world. For the most part, Evangelical Ethiopian Christians state that their form of Christianity is both the reformation of the current Orthodox Tewahido church as well as the restoration of it to the original Ethiopian Christianity.

Some from Tsion Choir eritrwan Mulu Wongel joined the newly established choir and Meserete Kristos continued developing songs in Ethiopian languages.


New Eritrean Orthodox Tewahdo Gena Mezmur 2017- Tewelde Geta by zemari abraham nayzghi

The mainstream Orthodox Church has claimed its earliest origins from the Ethiopian royal official said to have been baptised by Philip in Acts 9. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

With growing dispute on the additional texts orthoeox the Orthodox Church, the alleged changing of the original meanings of the Bible did little to decrease the attendance of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.

Views Read Edit View history. Yet this was a blessing in disguise for Evangelical Christians, since Mulu Wongel members attending other churches influenced them not only in faith but in music also.

Music or Mezmur in Amharic, the Ethiopian national language plays a big role in preaching and the daily life meamur Ethiopian P’ent’ay Christians. With the belief that music should be for God, and him alone, Ethiopian mezmur does not have ethnic or cultural boundaries, nor restriction on what style or instruments to use. And most of famous music players in Ethiopia like Elias Melka also played in Evangelical churches mezmud subsequently converted to world music.

This article’s use of external links may not follow Wikipedia’s policies or guidelines. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Some of these churches in other branch cities eritreah stopped using single letters for choir names, and applied names instead. Since the majority population is Orthodox, Voice of Martyrs claims no criminal investigations are carried against Orthodox mobs who burn Evangelical churches, destroy houses and even murder P’ent’ay Christians.

The P’ent’ay label may be an indication of eritraen apparent prominence of the Pentecostal denomination at some point in the history of Evangelicalism in Ethiopia, even though many other branches such as Baptists, Lutherans, Methodists, Presbyterians and Mennonites also have a similarly wide presence.

Like all other Christian churches oryhodox accept eritreean Gospels, P’ent’ays also believe in being ” born again ” dagem meweledas it is written numerous times in the Gospel of Johnand demonstrated by one’s baptism in the Holy Spirit as well as water baptism, speaking in tongues is one of the signs, [ citation needed ] but not the only sign, of “receiving Christ”, which should include a new lifestyle and social behavior.


One such case was the death of a Protestant from Merawi Full Mezmir Churchafter allegedly being struck by an ax by an Orthodox priest. The Mekane Yesus churches have been in extensive humanitarian and development related activities in particular, for many decades.

Despite these issues, compared to the past, the s have brought the most freedom of religion in Ethiopia. The term was coined in the late s and was used as a pejorative for churches that believed in the Pentecostal experience.

Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Mezmur by Various Artists on Spotify

The equivalent rendition in many other languages is Evangelicals. But for the most part they are very Pentecostal in their worship and theology. In light of their own interpretations, the Ethiopian Pentecostal church claims origins from Philip the Evangelist. Protestant Christians face persecution both by the Orthodox Church and by Muslims in rural areas of Ethiopia.

An early church to develop other singers was Mulu Wongel church, since the church itself was mainly started by Ethiopians, as opposed to the foreign relations other Evangelical churches had with European and American missionaries.

Mariam Dingle Nie Nabana eritrean Orthodox Tewahdo Mezmur

Solo vocalists developed fast in these and other churches. Even though some of the older generation of singers didn’t have the financial means to make cassettes, they have influenced Ethiopian music in various ways while ofthodox in local churches.

Protestant Christians still face persecution in rural regions; however, there is a growing tolerance between the Ethiopian Orthodox, Muslims and the growing population of P’en’tay Christians in the urban areas of the country. Retrieved 7 August One of the earlier singers is Addisu Worku, who used to mdzmur through Misrach voice Radio.

At the end, my people will see light as government changes and a new order arrives. The four major Evangelical denominations in Ethiopia are: Some P’ent’ay communities – especially Mekane Yesus – have been influenced by the Orthodox Tewahedo Church, which represents mainstream, traditional Ethiopian Christianity.

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