El delincuente honrado (Spanish Edition) [Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. El delincuente honrado. Some years ago J. Polt drew attention to Jovellanos’ description of his play El delincuente honrado as a “comedia tierna” or “drama sentimental. If comedy. El delincuente honrado by Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos at – ISBN – ISBN – CreateSpace Independent.

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Subscribe to our newsletter Some error text Name. Literary historians have been less than kind to Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos’ El delincuente honrado Celincuente the expiry date is reached your computer deletes the cookie. In his preface, he calls it a jovelllanos but later he qualifies this term:. The fact that Durimel is killed while Torcuato is not is of little importance; we have, already seen that Jovellanos’ ending, with its recourse to a solution outside the drama, is largely irrelevant.

And when he discovers that the judge who condemns him is his father and the seducer of his motherhe cheerfully adjusts to this new revelation of his destiny. This is its basically social orientation.

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For example, at loot. It forms only the antecedents of the play, made known through lifeless narration. The king does not appear on the stage; he is, however, presumed to be at San Ildefonso, the summer quarters of the honravo and only two leagues from Segovia, making it possible to send two appeals to the monarch and to save the hero without greatly exceeding the limits of the unity of time 6.

The old man, however, is also morally blameless, for the law under which he has been condemned is an unjust one; and since he, too, must now be saved, Falbaire resorts, like Jovellanos, to an outside force: In the use which Jovellanos made of this liberty is to be seen the influence of his relationship with Pablo de Olavide.


The drama ceases to be human and becomes legal. We can be the more certain of this in view of what we know of Jovellanos’ relations with Olavide and of the latter’s ideas, literary activities, and readings.

This position is in conflict with Justo’s, since Justo not only judges individual guilt by legal standards, but also examines these standards themselves in the light of ethical principles. As in all these plays, no bloodshed is to take place on stage. A activation email has been sent to you.

The works of Voltaire were for bidden gonrado toto by the Inquisition of Toledo inthis prohibition extending even to those who had dispensation to read forbidden books; although by one of those curious quirks of the censorial mind, translations of his plays were tolerated if the author’s name was not mentioned These resemblances, in view of what we already know of Jovellanos’ adherence to Diderot’s dramatic theories, are too obvious to be the result of chance.

Jovellanos thus followed the dramatic theories of Diderot and borrowed heavily for his own work from Diderot’s most famous drame and from the works of others who, directly or indirectly, acknowledged Diderot as their master This is the position taken by Montesquieu IV. While this play differs in important respects from El delincuente honradodelincuenre deals with some of the same themes and coincides with it in the ending.

The scene of recognition in which Saint-Franc reveals himself to his son must be read against the corresponding scene in Jovellanos’ play:. There are melodramatic scenes such as the recognition of father and son in the gloom of the prison, the tearful pleas of Laura for the salvation of her husband, and the suspense of the characters who wait for the signal of Torcuato’s execution as the successful Anselmo is speeding back to them with the royal commutation.

Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos (Author of El Delincuente Honrado)

In their anxiousness to acquire Jovellanos, at least posthumously, as an adherent of their causes, the perpetually opposed ideological camps of nineteenth-century Spain resorted to quite liberal interpretations of every possible word of Jovellanos’ which might lend credibility to their claims. To survey fully its fate after would exceed the scope of the present article; suffice it to say that the work enjoyed numerous performances, editions, and translations until the triumphant Romantic theater swept it from public favor Torcuato himself, illegitimate son of an unknown father, orphaned of his mother, driven to the commission of an illegal act, forced to conceal his guilt from his wife, the widow of his victim-Torcuato, ready to tear himself from this wife to expiate his guilt, ready also to sacrifice his life to save that of Anselmo, is an easily recognizable precursor of the Romantic hero pursued by his adverse destiny, or, as Rivas would have it, by la fuerza del sino.


For those who wished at all costs to catechize Jovellanos, dead or alive, it was of course necessary to minimize his connections with Olavide, whose chequered career led him into difficulties with the Inquisition in Comedia tierna and drama sentimental are here equivalents.

The possession and circulation of such books played an important part in the Inquisition’s case against the asistente.

El delincuente honrado : comedia

Unity of place is preserved within a liberal interpretation of the concept: For Jovellanos, the legislation on duels conflicts with the needs delincuenet the state; it undermines the principle of honor which it should protect and foment I. It had, in its time, an entirely different significance, which can be properly evaluated only by a review of the circumstances of its composition and some of its sources.

Cadiz at that time had three theaters: Literature was to play its part in homrado saving enlightenment, and its aims were social rather than esthetic. C’est, je crois, d’inspirer aux hommes l’amour de la vertu, l’horreur du vice [

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