Die Stadt Der Traumenden Bucher [Walter Moers] on Die Stadt der Träumenden Bücher: Roman (German Edition) and millions of other books. Start reading Die Stadt der Träumenden Bücher: Roman (German Edition) on your to “Traumenden Buecher” and I would recommend reading “Blaubaer” first. Die Stadt der Träumenden Bücher: Zamonien 4 (Audio Download): uk: Dirk Bach, Walter Moers, HörbucHHamburg HHV GmbH: Books.

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But you are right. Books that actually come to life.

The City of Dreaming Books

Give it a chance you might find you really do like it. This title, this overly long title, was a giant prologue to the next book, honestly. What I loved most about this book, was the love for books and literature. I’m not entirely sure whether it’s my fault or the book’s, but I’m Das finde ich arrogant man sollte schreiben, um gelesen zu werden.

View all 4 comments. And while it may all be on purpose and I may be missing the point of the whole thing, it still feels like one giant filler. Nearly everyone is an author or avid reader. Someday I have to re-read this gorgeous book and write a review.

It’s the story of a dinosaur who goes to a city where everything, and I mean everything, has to do with books.

Zamonien – Romane | Die Stadt der Träumenden Bücher | Walter Moers

They are all individual books with …more i don’t think that it matters in which order you read this book. The fact he is a dinosaur is oddly irrelevant. I should note that my husband was, I think, a far bigger fan of it than I was. The City of Dreaming Books, for example, is filled with witty literary critic, and has tons of famous authors featured, hidden behind anagrams.


Overlook TP Publication date. View all 7 comments. La cosa mi ha sorpreso e non in negativo: I knew within the first pages that this book would be going on my favourites shelf.

Insanity must truly feel like that! The book turned out to be an extension from my escape from reality and it awakened my love for litterature.

This story is also highly recommended for anyone who loves to write.

The City of Dreaming Books – Wikipedia

Er bekommt einen Brief der ihm wieder nach Buchhaim gelockt und aus seinem Lethargie geweckt. The German version was released in Autumnand the English version followed in Autumn Life is just a traeumende to a place unknown.

I’m assuming this is due to your relationship with the Orm, but whatever it is – it’s amazing. I understand you’ve written another book huecher so far has only been translated from Zamonian into German I know it as Ensel und Kretebut I’m sure your title is delightful and I eagerly await the day that book makes its way into English.

Everything in the story revolves around books, reading and writing, and the story is written in accordance with all the rules of good storytelling so that in pages the story never slows down too much but becomes more and more exciting, and at the same time the story is voluminous enough to have time for revealing much of the fantastic world of the book.

Wie kann man nur eine solch reiche Phantasie besitzen Is the Orm said to give inspiration to authors traeumehden Everything is original and unexpected, though often strange and bizarre. Thanks for telling traejmenden about the problem.


Welche Schrecken und Abenteuer? Buchhaim ist vor Jahren zwar niedergebrannt geworden, aber fast sofort wieder traeumendeen. Thanks for telling us about the problem. But in this volume, Hildegunst von Mythenmetz returns to Buchhaim, finds that many things have changed over time, and yet Optimus is a Lindworm, a race of literary dinosaurs, but it is in Rumo that we learn how the Lindworm Vest came to its end.

Quotes from Das Labyrinth der I’ll have to translate them for you dsr because I wrote them down in German.

It’s not up to me to decide. But a story about a literate dinosaur’s adventures is probably not meant for such people anyway, and the book it hit my sense of humour exactly. Niemand versteht das – zu diesem Zweck ist es geschrieben worden. It was a good story, but not what really captured my attention. I’m in literary love. The author is also kind enough to provide his own illustrations of his world.

These include but are not limited to:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Did I fail to mention that books are revered in Zamonia? When I found burcher book at the library I thought “huh, a children’s book? View all 28 comments.

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