Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Dr. David Morehouse is the author of Psychic Warrior the story of his life as a former CIA psychic spy. Students find their way. Schnabel was commissioned to write a piece on Dave Morehouse for Esquire in , when Morehouse began to claim that remote viewing and Army. Remote Viewing The Complete User’s Manual for Coordinate Remote Viewing. David Morehouse. Discover a scientific protocol for gathering reliable.

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Remote Viewing – David Morehouse

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In high school he was a wrestler, and a member of the cheerleading squad. The Journey of Remote Viewing, Part 1 David Morehouse reveals the fascinating story of how the method of Remote Viewing came to biewing, and its relation to ancient mystical practices throughout the ages.

He had a small home-improvement business, House Tech, that he ran on the side. Equanimity will never occur so long as you accept the dualistic premise of Self and Other as ultimately true, however, and this program will not in and of itself facilitate remoet realization of Nirvana. Some of the packages contained tape-recordings of conversations he had held with Jim Marrs, or Sandra Martin.

A great deal of intelligence, a good ability to imagine, and a very creative mind. How far Morehouse went along with this extraterrestrial enthusiasm is unclear, but during one official visit to Los Alamos on behalf of Team Six, Morehouse and Dames took a few days out to venture into the high deserts of northwestern New Mexico, apparently convinced that an alien base was somewhere out there under the mesas.


The Remote Viewing Online Training Course

He is here in Walter Reed because he apparently had had some kind of breakdown a few months ago. We make every attempt to provide you the most accurate date of shipment for backordered items yet sometimes receipt of these davis are delayed.

Streamline your experience—practice while you read, without ever leaving the page! But then, Morehouse is perhaps not the best source on such matters. Remote Viewing is a precise, thorough protocol for eliminating every obstacle that prevents our conditioned mind from accessing this intrinsic ability.

When On Account History page, click on your name. If an item is out of stock and that information was not on the website, we will email you with additional information on availability. Now you have the chance to make the same discovery.

Sounds True – The Remote Viewing Online Training Course

Of those students, only two decided to stop their training before they saw results. Do you know her? David Morehouse helps you understand the necessary frame of mind needed to become a successful Remote Viewer.

Posted on August 6, Schnabel was commissioned to write a piece on Dave Morehouse for Esquire inwhen Morehouse began to claim that remote viewing and Army harassment had landed him in Walter Reed. He urged Angela to legally separate from her own husband Alan who later vehemently denied what Morehouse had claimed about him. In lieu of a court-martial, he could merely agree daviv be discharged under “other than honorable” conditions, with no pension or medical benefits. He grew up in Carlsbad, California.


And it does so in a way that leaves no room for self-doubt. He greets his wife not with a smile but with a contemptuous deepening of his frown and a slight lifting of his head, as if to say, “Not you again. According to former remote viewer Mel Riley, the remote influencing claim does not even appear in the Dave Morehouse story that was written by Jim Marrs, with Morehouse hovering over his shoulder before the summer of How do I process a return?

ISA, according to military affairs specialist Steven Emerson in his book Secret Warriors, had been at its inception “the most secret unit in the Army. We finish our training together with a final practical exercise, including video delivery of coordinates and target analysis. A similar helicopter crash was targeted by Fort Meade remote viewers in the late s. We unconditionally guarantee your satisfaction with all Sounds True products for one year when purchased via our website or catalog.

Practical Exercise 2 Now that you daviv one full Remote Viewing session under your belt, this next exercise should flow more easily and naturally.

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