Abstract. VERGARA GARAY, Oscar et al. GROWTH CURVE DETERMINATION FOR CREOLE HAIR SHEEP USING THE GOMPERTZ MODEL IN THE LOW. Estimación de curvas de crecimiento de codorniz japonesa utilizando el modelo Gompertz. Raji, A.O.1; Alade, N.K.1 and Duwa, H 1Department of Animal. El modelo Gompertz en el crecimiento de los cerdos .. La curva de Gompertz permite generar asimetría alrededor del punto de inflexión y alcanza este punto.

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How to start quail production.

Laird [4] for the first time successfully used the Gompertz curve to fit data of growth of tumors. Growth curve analysis using nonlinear mixed model indivergently selected Japanese quails.

Asymptotic weights from different studies should therefore be compared with caution. The assumption that there is no competition for resources holds true in most scenarios. They are, particularly, important for egg production in Japan and South East Asia and meat production in Europe Minvielle, The fitting of a generalization of the logistic curve.

Estimación de curvas de crecimiento de codorniz japonesa utilizando el modelo Gompertz

In addition, curve parameters provide information on growth characteristics. Curves Demography Time series models. It was however higher for males in chicken Aggrey, They however over and under estimated early weights weeks of the quails with little difference between observed and predicted weights thereafter.


Heritability estimates of hompertz curve parameters and genetic correlations between the growth curve parameters and weights at different age of Japanese quail. As noticed by Steel [5] and by Wheldon, [6] the proliferation rate of the cellular population is ultimately bounded by the cell division time. It may also indicate the period of collection of growth data xe analysis.

Analysis of growth curves in fowl. Influence of dietary energy and nutrient concentration on the growth of body weight and carcass components of broiler chickens.

Growth curves are useful tools representing the evolution of body weight during growth and are particularly important in breeding and management. xe

Thus, a strong and negative relationship The estimates of correlation The differentiation between energy used at rest and metabolic rate work cura for the model to more precisely determine the rate of growth. Day length varies from 11 to 12 hours. Population biology is especially concerned with the Gompertz Function.

Fe authors also reported that sexual dimorphism was in favour of females in the Japanese quail Aggrey and Cheng, ; Aggrey et al.

J Agric SciThus, males matured faster than females though the latter had higher weights. This page was last currva on 3 Decemberat And it explains difference between males and females Japanese quail in Nigeria. Note that, in absence of therapies etc.


Gompertz function

Thus, quails fed in different environment and have different genotype will have different asymptotic weight. These authors reported higher values for males than females. Gompertz model allowed describing the growth of creole sheep in conditions of grazing in the low tropics. Growth rate of different sexes of the European quail Coturnix coturnix.

Estimated coefficients for the Gompertz model parameters of the Japanese quail are presented in table II. They observed that male and female Japanese quails do not have identical growth patterns as is evident in figure 1. Du Preez and Sales reported that this delay was likely to arise from the higher asymptotic value and consequently the longer growth period. This study aimed to determine the growth curve of two populations of crossbred sheep through the use of nonlinear Gompertz model.

The coefficient of determination R 2 was high for both male and female 0.

J Anim Sci In the Gomp-Ex model it is assumed that initially there is no competition for resources, so that the cellular population expands following the exponential law.

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