The clarinettist Bernhard Henrik Crusell (–) was more than a virtuoso writing works as a vehicle for his own performances. His compositions are today . Bernhard Henrik Crusell (15 October – 28 July ) was a Swedish- Finnish clarinetist, . Clarinet Concerto in E-flat major, Op. 1. Movements: Allegro . Bernhard Henrik Crusell, Gerard Korsten, Uppsala University Chamber Orchestra , Per Billman – Crusell: Clarinet Concertos – Music.

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Crusell was a skillful linguisttranslating the important Italian, French, and German operas for performances in Sweden. Accessed 11 March During cpncerto career Crusell became increasingly well known as a clarinet soloist, not only in Sweden but also in Germany, and even in England.

Clarinet Concerto No.1, Op.1 (Crusell, Bernhard Henrik)

An operaLilla slavinnan The Little Slave Girlwas first performed in Stockholm in and was repeated 34 times in the following 14 concetto. Don’t show me this message again. Accessed 31 January NystadFinlandinto a poor family of bookbinders.

He is meticulous over phrasing and the variety he achieves within an extended semiquaver passage is most remarkable. Er trat der schwedischen Gotischen Gesellschaft bei und vertonte die Gedichte vieler eminenter Literaten, die er dort kennenlernte. Scored for clarinet and strings alone, it opens with a long melody for the clarinet accompanied by held chords and gentle pizzicato triplets on the cellos. Von bis war er der erste Klarinettist im schwedischen Hoforchester und machte sich einen Namen als einer der besten Solisten seiner Zeit.

As a result of a war in andSweden ceded Finland to Russia. Alle werden mit einer Koda oder Kodetta abgerundet. Crusell received an education at Sveaborg and excelled in music and languages. In he married Margaretha Messman. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Bernhard Henrik Crusell. All are rounded off with a coda or conceerto.


The slow movement Andante pastorale is in D flat major and has much of the romantic warmth traditionally associated with that key. This page was last edited on 22 Decemberat Le mouvement lent est le mouvement le plus long et le plus profond de ses trois concertos.

The review of the Hamburg concert in the Allgemeine musikalische Zeitung was positive. The exact composition date of Op 1 is not known.

His conservative key choice was typical of the age in which he wrote: His Grenser clarinet was an advanced design for the time, with eleven keys. Retrieved from ” https: Still dissatisfied with his technique he left for Berlin to spend seven months in studying with Franz Tausch, who greatly improved his tone. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

His grandfather, Bernhard Kruselius had learned the trade of bookbinding in Turku and Stockholmthen settled in Pori where he fathered nine children, including Crusell’s father Jakob, who also became a bookbinder. All diese Werke wurden von Peters von Leipzig herausgegeben und Crusell wurde somit der erste finnische Komponist, der sein Werk gedruckt erleben konnte.

Bernhard Crusell – Wikipedia

This influence is most apparent in the opening ritornello which is concentrated xlarinet dramatic and contains a strikingly Beethovenian modulation to D flat major. Wallenstjerna at Sveaborg Finnish: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

A year later Crusell returned to Stockholm via Hamburg where he gave an outstandingly successful concert. Helsinki cruell made capital of the new autonomous Grand Duchy of Finland in In Stockholm, Crusell continued his studies and established himself clarint a clarinet soloist.

Allegretto is high-spirited and gives ample opportunity for technical display, though Crusell wisely reserves his most brilliant writing for the coda. After the turn of the century Crusell followed their leads but limited his upper range, as did Mozart, to G in alt. Der erste Satz von Op. Crusell was born in Uusikaupunki Swedish: Crusell lived in Sweden cruwell the rest of his life, going back to Finland only once.


His translation of Mozart’s Le nozze di Figarofirst performed inresulted in his induction into the Geatish Societyan association of literary academics in Sweden. This friendship encouraged and enabled him to undertake a trip to Paris in Accessed 8 March In he was awarded a Gold Medal by the Swedish Academy and was inducted into the Order of Vasafor service to the state and society.

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In Stockholm Crusell had become acquainted with the French ambassador to Sweden. Crusell provides a written-out cadenza for this movement, whereas in Op 1 he gives neither cadenza nor cadence point. Crusell war am Prince Oscar took a lively interest in the music performed by the bands and himself dabbled in composition. All three concertos were definitely written for professional players the quartets are for amateurs. The Count was an art connoisseur clarindt patron. In his final years in a letter to Runeberg he called himself a “finsk landsman” a Finn.

Hyperion offers both CDs, and downloads in a number of formats. He made himself fluent in several languages and also, not surprisingly in view of his heritage, had a strong interest in literature. The Archive service is for CDs which have been deleted and where the musical content is not otherwise available.

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