CompTIA A+ Certification Exam Objectives .. GDI graphics device interface. GHz gigahertz. GUI graphical user interface. GPS. The Windows GDI builds the page and then sends it to the printer. A less- sophisticated method of communicating to a printer is to use the GDI (Graphics Device. GDI is actually a Windows component and is not specific to printers. Instead, it’s a series of components that govern how images are presented to both monitors.

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Impact printers transfer data to the printer one character or one line at a time, whereas laser printers transfer entire pages at a time to the printer. The most common color depth options you will run across in scanners today are bit and bit.

No other piece of your computer system is available in a wider range of styles, configurations, and feature sets than a printer, or at such a wide price variation.

How Scanners Work All flatbed scanners, the most common variety of scanner, work the same way. All of these mechanical features can wear out or break and require service or replacement. ASCII actually contains a variety of control codes for transferring data, some of which can be used to control printers. Once the printer receives some or all of a print job, the hardware of the printer takes over and processes the image.

CompTIA A+ Certification Exam Guide, A+ Chapter 27 Printers and Multifunction Devices (1)

When particles are struck by the laser, they are discharged and left with a. Plenty of other connection types are available for printers. It uses compttia roll of heat-sensitive plastic film embedded with page-sized sections of cyan bluemagenta redand yellow dye; many also have a section of black dye.


The first laser printers created only monochrome images; you can also buy a color laser printer, but most laser printers produced today are still monochrome. You can also open your favorite image-editing software first and choose to acquire a file from a scanner. Solid ink printers use just what you’d expect solid inks.

Following are the more common printer languages. Nearly every manufacturer has some sort of drivers and other software to create an interface between your computer and the scanner. Some computers are even used exclusively for the purpose of producing paper documents. Note that the laser writes a positive image to the drum. The case that holds the print wires is called a printhead. An inkjet printer also has a RIP, but it’s part of the software driver instead of onboard compria circuitry.

Finally, a static charge eliminator removes the paper’s positive charge see Figure Imaging Drum The imaging drum also called the photosensitive drum is an aluminum cylinder coated with particles of photosensitive compounds. The drum itself is grounded to the power supply, but the coating is not. Developing Those particles with a lesser negative charge are positively charged relative to the toner particles and attract them, creating a developed image see Figure All flatbed scanners, the most common variety of scanner, work the same way.

In this section, you’ll look at how scanners work and then turn to what you need to know to select the correct scanner for you or your clients.

Older scanners can create images of only x dots per inch dpiwhile newer models commonly achieve four times that density, and high-end machines do much more. It used to be that you would physically connect the printer to a single computer and then share the printer on the network. The sensors are used to detect a broad range of conditions such as paper jams, empty paper trays, or low toner levels.


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Sensors and Switches Every laser printer has a large number of sensors and switches spread throughout the machine.

Using a process called electrophotographic imaging, laser printers produce high-quality and high-speed output of both text and graphics. By visiting the site, you agree to our cookie policy. Pages per Minute Versus Price Cokptia speed is a key determinant of a printer’s price, and this is an easy assertion to prove, so Try This!

Laser Printers Using a process called electrophotographic imaging, laser printers produce high-quality and high-speed output of both text and graphics. Pick a particular printer technology and check the price, from the cheapest to the most expensive.

The chapter continues with the steps for installing a multifunction device in a typical personal computer, and concludes with troubleshooting issues.

CompTIA A+ Certification Exam Guide, A+ Chapter 27 Print

Also, some printers store other information in the RAM, including fonts or special commands. Many of these sensors are really tiny switches that detect open doors and so on. Figure shows a typical laser printer.

Printers that create an image on paper by physically striking an ink ribbon against the paper’s surface are known as impact printers.

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