Buy In Siberia by Colin Thubron (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. In Siberia is a travel book by the English writer Colin Thubron. Published in , the book depicts Thubron’s journeys in Siberia in the late s, after the. Listening to Thubron’s account of his extensive travels in Siberia in is a different experience from reading his book.

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Feb 18, Richard Newton rated it really liked it Shelves: Thanks for telling us about the problem. As Thubron moved farther east, though, I began to be repulsed. Never once have I really thought about visiting Siberia. John Rowe’s deft pauses and the subtle veneration in his intonation thuvron the country with the aura of a classic Russian novel.

Showing of 49 reviews. The last chapter of this book is about the Gulag, I always feel choked-up when reading about the Gulag. I recommend this book. It also seems that spending time with individual professionals, such sjberia the village doctor or a museum curator or a family of engineers, who see things from something closer to his viewpoint, then allows him to accept other differences more.

It is on the return slberia up the Yenisei that Thubron clin unstuck, becomes marooned in the native Entsy village of Potalovo for weeks on end, living in a settlement full of drunks, holed up for the most part in its hospital. Science is now as cut off from the State as the Church used to be. The soul of Siberia described through its buildings, people and amazing quirks of nature.

The colih became the home of the exiled nobles who led the failed Decembrist uprising of I expect the same will happen here. He also gives rather short shrift to the Civil War, just a single page on the death of Kolchak. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. The complication of communicating the material in words often left me wishing this were a film made up of mostly pictures and talking heads of local people.


Thubron fuses history with politics, ethnography with geography, cultural anthropology with social psychology to demarcate what Siberia was and is, literally and metaphorically. This, for me, gave the book a kind of inhuman coldness, despite all the portraiture. It belongs to them.


A small segment of the late Yeltsin years, nobly done. Granted, these little nit-picky details do not in any way detract from the beauty of this work Episode 4 of 10 Novosibirsk, the largest city in Siberia, and a visit to Akademgorodok, once the brain of Russia. These five stars are the easiest I’ll ever give out.

This is a very academic travel book. In addition, Thubron narrates the inhuman history of Soviet purges, mostly under Stalin, that created the gulag death camps. He is tough and competent and can handle the conditions better than most, without any laddish hardman boasting.

In Siberia by Colin Thubron read by John Rowe | Books | The Guardian

Many of the encounters were with people who had lost faith in communism or who felt their world had been pulled out from them. The bleakest of Thubron’s experiences are not included here, however. His knowledge of little known facts is quite amazing as his ability to sleep anywhere, seek the strangeness in wherever he is thubgon just entertain the reader with the uniqueness of the the people who live in Siberia.

Despite its size Siberia has suffered the onslaught of human activity. Start reading In Siberia on your Kindle in under a minute. In Siberia was not only a trip across the vast frozen land mass in the company of Colin Xolin, for me it was an evocative text conjuring memories of my childhood. Someone mentions a festival; that Jewish-town-that’s-no-longer-Jewish was having a concert.


Siberiq leaves us stranded there. Thus at Potalovo, a reindeer farming community poisoned by acid rain, Thubron found the blighted children drunk on vodka and American machine oil.

Whether it’s the nascent Orthodox revival in 90s Russia, the extreme isolation of the Old Believer sects, pagan animism among the native tribes, or the soulless atheism sponsored by the Soviet state, he finds time for all of them, finds current day adherents and talks to them, explores their outer and inner lives. Thubron travels by train, boat, plane, sjberia truck across Siberia from the Siberiz to the Pacific at Magadan. We see what he observes and only a little of what he thinks.

Siberja of the wastelands remains contested, Thubron meets the Altai female warrior discovered preserved in the permafrost and subject to fierce debate about whether she is of Europe or Asia.

Outstanding but slightly dated book on Colin Thubron’s tour of Siberia in the late s. View all 3 comments. The further I delved into his work, the more I siberis to wonder about him. Rhubron leisurely ride, from human civilization to the outer reaches of polar emptiness, put me in mind of a similar epic journey that I read about just a few weeks ago – Negley Farson’s trip down the great Volga in the s that took him all the way from Soviet Moscow to the wild mountains of the Caucasus.

Dersu the Trapper Recovered Classics. Recently, I read Angela Carter’s ‘Nights at the Circus’ in which a large chunk takes place in Siberia and this led to me picking up this book.

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