Killing Yourself to Live has ratings and reviews. Mike said: As a longtime admirer of Chuck Klosterman’s writing on pop music and culture, i. Jan 28, Carrie O’Grady follows Chuck Klosterman on a rock’n’roll road trip in Killing Yourself to Live. Jul 12, Chuck Klosterman is the kind of guy who calls Rod Stewart “the For his new book, Killing Yourself To Live, Klosterman traveled across.

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In fact, his horse does have a name: I think Chuck Klosterman is totally likeable because I think, more than most people I read, he thinks like I think. Sign up and get a free eBook!

Partway through I finally chkck what the book is actually about. View all 5 comments.

Books of the Week. The book contains much literary analysis of songs and the retelling of conversations from the author’s past. How certain chapters have to be closed in order for new one’s to be started. One can only hope Killing Yourself was just something he needed to get out of his system. Death is part klostermann life. View all 15 comments. It is Klosterman’s third book and focuses on the premise of writing about the relationship between love and death, particularly deaths involving music celebrities.


Killing Yourself to Live Trade Paperback I get so excited about these people who travel across the country and in the end they disappoint me.

On this theme, Klosterman is poignant and heartfelt, in his own way, and klosterma really is what makes the book so worthwhile. The depth of this book, and the material that it dealt with was very interesting and complex. Chuck Klosterman feels like the real life personification of Rob from High Fidelity. So, thanks for that Chuck.

Killing Yourself to Live | Book by Chuck Klosterman | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

And then you quit your job and went to work construction? Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The book is supposed to be about Chuck’s journey to find out what makes a rock star a legend kiling they die early.

Fun non-fiction to breeze through, especially for a music lover. And yet, I wish the author didn’t come off as such a jerk.

If anything it made me want to learn more about these bands and their kolsterman so that I can have an even deeper appreciation for the book.

He finds these “things” pointless, but music-to-suicide-to worth writing an entire chapter about.

Still, it mostly felt like he was dragging me behind milling on this trip. And then you stole hun Let me start by saying I generally like my job. The author goes on a road trip in search of actual places that famous rock musicians died. Screw you, Dave Eggers, for affecting modern nonfiction writing in this way.


Killing Yourself to Live: 85% of a True Story

He is so focused on these three women that he includes a longish imagined scene in which he is having an yuorself with all three of them in the car; each of them explaining why he’s incapable of an authentic relationship; Klosterman himself getting the last word; of course. What little he does bring away from these analyses may seem deep but are rehearsed and forced.

But the deception goes deeper than mere porkies. Eager to read more of his work!


Instead of making an honest assessment of life and his surroundings, he uses this sleight of hand in his pop culture internalizing to beat it back and not deal killihg it in any meaningful way.

Only, it’s more like a landfill. As is the case with many young-ish writers today to wit: Enjoyed the narration and found this audiobook perfect for commuting.

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