For building range: Body use, breathing THEN chopbuilders like lipslurs! Dec 23, # How long have you been playing trumpet? Dec But there was a trumpet in my home, and I got hold of this band book and started practicing. I soon got the hang of On the way, I practiced lots of chop builders. Recording of players such as Maurice Andre or Doc Severinsen for trumpet players to tension, the student will be buzzing the same pitch that the trumpet was playing. XtremeRange Development: ChopBuilders (Treble Clef) ยท XtremeBrass.

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Universally used by brass players everywhere.

This spreads the lips resulting in an airy tone or just air. This was the only time I’ve been without at least one of those items in years, but who’s counting. E-mail this product to a chopbuildegs.

Warburton Music Products

How long have you been playing trumpet? Thanks for all that you do for us. Pro–just what I’ve been hoping for.

The functional differences are the diameter of the disc end and contour of the back side of the disc. PRO is an advanced-level isometric strengthening tool to be used by experienced altissimo players.

In other words your lips are not rewady to play up there and you are trying to muscle the notes. I try to play everyday, but If I spend any time away form the horn, Chopnuilders notice it. The flip folder has a molded back with reinforced sides.


Enjoy playing this fine mute. The Tradition of Excellence comprehensive Band Method is a music educator’s dream; a hcopbuilders performance-centered curriculum that seamlessly blends classic and contemporary pedagogy and cutting-edge technology.

That was mainly caused by excessive pulling away from the chops. From a purely muscular standpoint, I found this device to be an essential part of my maintenance trumept conditioning routine. For years now I’ve preached to all my students that strengthening the muscles of the face associated with the formation of the embouchure will greatly improve their power, endurance and flexibility not to mention their ability to play in the center of both pitch and tone which we all know are the basic tenets of a great sound and an incredible range.

Doc Severinsen talking about tumpet P.

Also note that the plastic and gold models appeal to users with an allergy to silver. Included in the many Stonelined Mute features that allow the outstanding colors of sound is the secret formula used to line each and every Stonelined Mute.

Airy high notes?

Silver, Gold, and Blue Plastic P. Yes, my password is: It arrived a couple of weeks ago and, as per your advice, I do about a 5-minute session just before going to bed.

Geeez, what a great little device! It sets up the embouchure beautifully. I am an advocate to my students about scales and arpeggios and I played the concert F scale all the way to my double G and it sounded fat, clear, and a lot less of a fight to play.


I like the original P. With proper use, the P. Stonelined Mutes play perfectly in tune and are easy blowing.

Kincaid’s Is Music – Tradition of Excellence, Trumpet Book 2

I’m a total believer and will be totally and enthusiastically pushing this to all my students, friends, acquaintances, relatives – perfect strangers even – whether brass players or not. We have researched the effectiveness of this new developmental tool by sending it out to select professional players, and have received enthusiastic reports. choobuilders

I have been using the P. Congratulations again on being on the cutting edge not only in mouthpiece design but accessories as well. This is a great thing trum;et so simple and so totally easy and practical to use – and feels SO much like just the trumpft thing to do! Band Director Terri Palazzolo is seeing great progress from dhopbuilders students using the P. Of course, it has taken me about three months to “figure it out” and for me, I use the P.

Space for 2 mouthpieces and large storage compartment for horn mutes Nylon lightweight exterior with plush covered dense EPS foam interior Interlocking comfort grip handle Fits up to a 5. Kincaid’s staff of highly trained teaching professionals can assist you in your musical journey. Exercise 2 – Strengthens the muscle groups needed to increase range:

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