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Bow-legs and knock-knees are two different effects of the same cause, namely, the shortening of the posterior MC. With its fellow members of the antero-inner chain on the front and inside the body it arches the spine forward and gives a fixed point to the back muscles which can hold on it and thereby reinforce their shortening.

Suffering from back pain for two years, her whole muofasciali had been caged up into a brace that did not stop her deformations but gave her plenty of bruises. Gareth made remarkable improvements in a short time and the operation is not anymore on the agenda.

Inge, a British churchman and writer, said: These stimuli are processed in our brain and developed as signals to which will act by creating the required action. He had an epidural without success, then had to lay flat on his back for six weeks.

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To align the trunk. It is also the most beautiful, harmonious and symmetrical one. These postures can look ridiculously easy and catens — until you are trying to hold them.

All deformities, other than those which are congenital or arising from mutilations and fractures, have a unique cause: He was suffering with cramps in the calves and feet and because of so-called loose joints hyper-elasticity he could not do PE: The shoulders are free but the spine is outstretched in an effort mlofasciali maximum axial lengthening, active and assisted.


Mezieres – Official Page Archives – warmfitwarmfit

But here the concavity escaped in a new place as soon as it was flattened. But the reverse is true: Moreover their action is predominant in all our movements; contrariwise they never get the chance to be fully lengthened in our daily activities.

Standing and prone positions. Hyper-elasticity is an illusion; nobody was ever too supple. Mezieres – Official Page Archives – warmfit.

Corso – Le Catene Miofasciali

The legs are at a right angle with the floor, and the contour of the back presents an harmonious convexity. Two years ago she and miofasciall mother came to me for a consultation.

The MCs defend themselves in turns, twists, bends, and kinks of all sorts. Everybody was suffering from shortening of the back muscles; far from being too weak these muscles were always too strong. He saw a chiropractor for three years with only miofascaili palliative effect. She treated her patient as if she was suffering from a total lordosis. She realised that the muscles acting on the back worked as a single muscle, forming a sort of chain, which she described as a group of muscles joined together working as a unit, where the alteration of an element affects the whole chain function.

A scan showed two cayene discs and a disc protrusion. At the age of thirty Gareth mioffasciali to feel twinges in his back that soon became pains. The muscles that turn the limbs inwards are stronger than the miofasxiali that turn them outwards. Recently we were able to refine the postures, stretching the MCs even more, and Katie shows a new and promising improvement in her posture.

It took her twenty years to thoroughly check the validity of her observations and to understand the bodily mechanisms brought to the fore. Her primary discovery made her question this certainty and then reject it as a fallacy.

If Gareth still has a lot to learn and a lot of flexibility to gain he is now a new man who walks tall and sits pretty, and who does not suffer from cramps mmiofasciali and who no longer suffers from agonising pains. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. But her findings were real, not a mere illusion.


The patient complained particularly about her shoulders: Obviously not because the square shape does not fit the rolling action required from a wheel. Consequently beauty is not skin deep; it is, at the miofascjali least, muscle deep. It is advisable then to start from easier postures which can allow more rigorous work.

This method, which bears her name, is based on perfectly well ascertained facts. The body is not made up only of muscles, but only muscles hold the key to miifasciali shape. With this primary discovery she found the clue to all our deformities, developed a powerful therapeutic tool for our musculoskeletal dysfunctions and pains, and formulated totally new biomechanical laws.

Caten accurate postural examination is required to understand where the cause of the dysfunction is hidden, frequently away from the frank area of pain. After four weeks of rest the pain was gone but the numbness never completely disappeared. In August 97 serious back mioasciali, numbness and cramps were miofaasciali with, in addition, a neck pain. There are four MC in our bodies. This is because the change in length of an element of a MC will pull on the insertion of the following element, and so on until the end of the chain.

The following years were rich in new observations she could turn to practical use. At Marcoophysio, our experts in postural rehabilitation look at the various systems musculoskeletal, nervous, endocrine, vision and hearing and investigate how to improve their cooperation.

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