Catalogo Indutec APLICACIONESBOSCHV55A mm mm24 mmVW, Ford, Iveco, Perkins,Magirus-Deutz. 20 dez. Unifap – Catalogo Unifap – Catalogo . CASE: W18 / W20 / W20B, CBT: / / / / 4X4, MERCEDES-BENZ: LD. AS. REPARO CIL. DIR. CBT A ATE PC. REPARO CIL. DIR. CBT APOS PC. B. ANEL BORRACHA.

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M12 x 45 Cable: Equipped with the latest digital video camera technology, Guardian watches over the entrance and exit area Features safeguarding people within, while at the same time controlling the doors. Optional overload protection Class 10 and serial Loss Detection motor overload protection Class Rated isolation voltage caatlogo to heatsink of Vrms, kArms short circuit current rating.

M18 x 1 x 30 Thread mm Long: Photoelectric sensors Types Amplifiers for sensors Connections pole plug pole plug pole plug Dimensions mm 35 x 80 x Dimensions HxWxD mm x 54 x x 72 x x 72 x with fan 54 mm solid state contactor with integrated 72 mm solid state contactor with integrated 72 mm solid state contactor with fan and system Features varistors for over-voltage protection, system varistors for over-voltage protection, system monitoring, integrated varistors for over-voltage monitoring, screw with clamp for power connection monitoring, 210 clamp for power connection protection, box clamp for power connection Input specifications, mADC [RGC.

  AWID LR-2000 PDF

Special features Detection liquids: Power analyzers Modular Modular power cataloyo power quality analyzers Types WM20 96 WM30 96 WM40 96 Dimensions HxWxD mm 96 x 96 x 50 96 x 96 x 50 96 x 96 x 50 3-phase modular power quality analyzer 3-phase modular power quality analyzer 3-phase modular power quality analyzer Description 96 x 96 panel mounting 96 x 96 panel mounting 96 x 96 panel mounting System: Improved current Self-learning 2-phase controlled general wire connection.

Filling, emptying or Filling, emptying or Filling or emptying. M18 x 83 Plug M Program programmable keys EN EA 30 mA RG. S] Vrms [RA D] Vrms [RZ3A Function measures its own power supply.

Jbl Professional

We operate worldwide through 22 of our own sales companies and also selected representatives in more than 65 countries, from the United States in the West to the Pacific Rim in the East.

Count frequency Hz Preset Building automation Transparent Analogue output Analogue input module modules modules Function 0 to 10 V output Input module Pulse counter Dimensions mm 8. DF] Input current max. EBS – Interval automatic start.


Technical 205 AC supply voltage 3-ph: Dimensions HxWxD mm 36 x 21 x 24 Differential or sequential PTC insulated input.

Analog signal re-transmission Ct signal re-transmission Combination of the inputs according to Range selection. Rated isolation voltage Vrms. Symmetrical recycler with Function Delay on release.

Internal noise Adjustable output voltage. Dimensions mm 90 x Active power monitoring relay.

A] Output specifications Rated operational current 6. Class 2 EN kvarh: Dimensions HxWxD mm x For further details please consult datasheet. IP 40, Degree of protection Screw terminal: In Line or In Delta 6- purpose soft starter.

Two state delay on operate.


Rated isolation voltage Vrms, kArms short circuit current rating. Relay excluded across output terminals. EA 14 mA RG.

AC operating frequency range Hz. Additional communication protocol via add-on modules. IP 65 IP 20 Connections: S] A2s [RA.

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