By Searching has ratings and 64 reviews. Natalie said: Remarkably honest first person Kuhn details her change from skeptic to Christ. By Searching has 62 ratings and 8 reviews. Lance said: J.B. Phillips paraphrases Hebrews ,3, Let us not lay over and over again the foundation truths. Isobel Selina Miller Kuhn, born Isobel Selina Miller, aka, “Belle” (December 17, – March .. By Searching: My Journey Through Doubt Into Faith.

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The kind of faith necessary to move her from the comforts of America to the mission field in China. The afternoon visit to Mamie iskbel very pleasant I had always loved her until she asked me an unsettling question: Elden Whipple and Evelyn Watson—do you remember meeting us in Seattle?


I learned that pride and gratified vanity could never bring me peace or happiness. Walsh’s home, seated on a stool at Mrs. Lynn Hotalen rated it it was amazing Jul 29, Last in my inspection tour was this old cabin. If there is one thing a man can’t forgive, it is a wound to his pride.

Her search ended, and He gave her a whole new life of fruitful missionary service in China. Sleep again departed from me and I tossed in agony until morning.

By Searching (Isobel Kuhn)

As he was not yet earning, he paid but a minimum rate of board, if anything. He was speaking that day on the Temptation of Christ, and as he went on to give his message, he also very frankly pointed out the liberal interpretation of that passage. But then I had no clear indication it was the foreign field He wanted… The following year found her once again at the same conference.


I was not interested. He whirled around and shot me a keen look. My father was my greatest comfort. Mac had gone out of the city on a summer job.

Isobel Miller Kuhn – Wikipedia

Do you double God or His existence? He was full of humor and his descriptions of the old ladies who declared they had no power of memory, and then were tricked by him into relating with detail what had happened to their children fifteen years ago, were simply hilarious—and touching. Was there anything that wasn’t questioned?

I believe this is partly responsible for many broken marriages today. I had been saving money during the year, and had also applied for the position of isobfl to earn my board while there.

He drew himself up to the full stature of his six feet two inches, and I never forgot the curl of his lip as he said, “Isobel, you’re a softy. As time dragged on and she could not find him, one can imagine the terror and anguish of her feelings. They sensed a change was going on, but I still refused to go to church with them and usually spent Sunday trying to catch up on the sleep I had lost at dances during the week! Sedgewick, and his friendship helped to keep me from extremes.


God did miracle after miracle in her life as a missionary in China. Her love and passion for the Lord quickly become evident. Something like an electric current struck me, shot me through and I tingled all over. But the one fact stood out. Always but with confidence. My father, brokenhearted at my callous turning-of-the-back on all my home training, still warned me as a medical man what drink could do to a girl.

Once I reached The Firs I was to be her guest—room and board would cost me nothing. You will be surprised at the spiritual blessing it will bring. Is there any Christian in Vancouver or here whom you can trust to be unprejudiced and yet godly enough to discern such a matter and be able to advise you?

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. I dashed in eagerly and was halfway to the center of the room before I could check my impulsive entrance.

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