Interzone [William S. Burroughs, James Grauerholz] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In William Burroughs settled in Tangiers. Burroughs’ best-known novel is a wild ride, a disjointed trip that begins in Washington Square but soon shifts to the city of Interzone, a surreal. Burroughs seems to grow ever more trite with the passage of time, his rebellion against society a lame thing. Fans will probably enjoy this fragmentary collection .

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The Interzone, as we discussed with Lucy, is both an international zone and a zone in which the law has been suspended. Vurroughs experience of reading this is words words words.

Towards the end of his time in New York, and with extensive help from intterzone friend and editor James Grauerholz, Burroughs finally completed a text he had begun years earlier in London, which became Cities of the Red Night.

How easy it would be to feel lost there. It was inspired to Burrpughs by his life as a fugitive in Tangiers, as well as his consumption of heroin that has been one of the objects of his literary work.


I really enjoyed the short stories. After all, Grauerholtz does stress that “the tone and style of ‘WORD’ are unique in Burroughs’ work; he never returned to the same kind of profane, first-person sibylline word salad, although it marked the breakthrough into his own characteristic voice” xxii. The other story, who’s title escapes me, revolves around the main character, undoubtedly autobiographical, seeing the ugliest core of a little Tunisian man who hat A fascinating collection of Burroughs short stories, plus some stream of consciousness fragmentary writings, so much Burroughs “thing”.

In Burroughs as in Warhol, a distance in time allows us to see the relentless exploratory drift between modes and media as a prototype for contemporary creativity, the artist not as auteur but as signature, as a distinctive style that is its own substance, gaining coherence not in the unity of its form but in the consistency of its attitude. May 13, Mel rated it it was amazing Shelves: When I visited, it was shuttered up.


Burroughs began writing essays and journals in early adolescence.

INTERZONE by William S. Burroughs | Kirkus Reviews

Ma anche, un testo sperimentale e audace per chi vuole provare qualcosa di diverso. The room seems to shake and vibrate with motion.

But to get a real feel for where Bowles was coming from all you have to do is spend a little time exploring the place he so loved and so hated. There was a problem adding your email address.

I have read plenty of Burroughs’ books and have been able to stomach most of interzohe but this just gets Oh dear, where do I start?

Jack Kerouac called Burroughs the “greatest satirical writer since Jonathan Swift”, a burrokghs he owes to his “lifelong subversion” of the moral, political and economic systems of modern American society, articulated in often darkly humorous sardonicism. Burroughs’s life during this period is limned in a startling collection of short stories, autobiographical sketches, letters, and diary entries, all of which showcase his trademark mordant humor, while delineating the addictions to drugs and sex that are the central metaphors burroughz his work.

Journal of Transnational American Studies

Lee’s Journals, and III. Interzone features many of the characters an The Interzone is the International Zone in Tangier, Interzine where William Burroughs lived for a time after his accidental shooting of his wife while stupendously high caused him to leave Mexico in something of a hurry.

The junky had just scored and was so sick cause he had spent 72 hrs. Some of Burrough’s journals and travel writing are hilarious and provide some interesting insight into the inyerzone of his writing.

Your tax-deductible donation made to LARB intersone This obscure book by Beat writer William Burroughs contains some of his earliest work. Interzone is an indispensable addition to burtoughs canon of his works. Except for an amateurish story co-written in college “Twilight’s Last Gleamings”the writings collected here fall between Burroughs’ first novel, Junky–a straightforward account of life as a drug addict–and Naked Lunch, the wild anti-novel that eventually brought him fame.


Although the story as it appears here in Interzone is a copy from memory of the burrohghs, it is still the most complete version of the original that was written by Burroughs and Elvins after they were inspired by hearing about the sinking of the ship the Morro Castle.

Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. Now Burrouyhs is to be commended for gathering all this. But it is the extraordinary “WORD,” a long, sexually wild and deliberately offensive tirade, that blends confession, routine, and fantasy and marks the true turning point of Burroughs as a writer-the breakthrough of his own characteristic voice that will find its full realization in Naked Lunch.

And once you’ve felt all that, catch a train like his characters out into the wider, wilder country beyond. It’s easy to tell they are his writings because they contain his themes: My favorite parts of this book are when he breaks the fourth wall, since many of the stories were o This is great for fans of Burroughs, others should probably start with Junky or Naked Lunch first, depending on how adventurous you want to get.

This page was last edited on 18 Octoberat Listening to the Novel: They are escorted by a drunken cop to register in a interzon public lavatory. Burroughs on the Road Corso: The only hassle I encountered was having to wait for a bus to transport me 50km up the coast to the city itself.

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