Set on fictional Jar Island, this first collaboration between Han (We’ll Always Have Summer) and Vivian (The List) follows three teenage girls. : Burn for Burn (The Burn for Burn Trilogy) (): Jenny Han, Siobhan Vivian: Books. : Fire with Fire (The Burn for Burn Trilogy) (): Jenny Han, Siobhan Vivian: Books.

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I pretty much liked everything about it. Especially when she has Alex by her side. That means if your friend is slacking, you let her know. The three girls do some seriously cruel shit in this book, and I have to jenmy that the sadistic part of me loved every single fucking moment.

Burn for Burn

May 31, Emerald rated it it was amazing Shelves: For more of my reviews, please visit: Lillia is the popular girl. A surprising amount of darkness: Even better, not one of those layers is a love triangle. And then the girls meet at a school bathroom. Lillia is beautiful and popular, but this summer a boy went way too far, and budn do whatever it takes to protect her little sister Nadia and not let the jenby thing happen to her.

And I have to believe that, even when I was excited about this book, it all still would have hsn me. They get away with murder on this island. It was siiobhan, real good nearly all the way through and if it ended as one big blow out it would have been totally worth five stars, but the ending sucked and a series will only drag out what we all know will happen.


He’s a good guy inside, full of dreams and hopes, and he’s kind. I never should have left her at that party. Just as they say, some people never do learn from their lesson and it’s time they get a taste of their of medicine.

The mastermind, if you will.

That’s why she asked about her parents, and wanted to take her to a hospital. Much more complex with depth and more of a realistic backbone, the sequel vurn Burn For Burn surprised me entirely. Her aunt Bette can see her. Her love for her sister was so wonderful, I really admire Lillia’s character.

Burn for Burn by Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian – book review

Let’s see if the story will end good or if it will go downhill, and if I would still give a five perfect rating to it or not. And the fact that Aunt Bette and the girls can see her is because I think they have powers of their own too or something like that. I didn’t have a problem with her bitchiness at all. Not to mention just totally off the charts with insanity. I feel like the greatest improvement in Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian’s series is that they reveal more depth in each of the girls’ burh.


That he was sorry for what he vivan.

On the other hand, Mary is a like a big mystery ready to unfold because I reckon that there’s something behind those snippets of her past. I enjoyed this book, it was fast paced and I enjoyed the different point of views and seeing another side to some of the more villainous characters. I mean, Reeve just isn’t worth it! So ho I’m not really going to write a review.

A pox upon all cliffhangers everywhere! They leave and make out, going all out with their held-back desires in his car in the woods. Fans of The Revenge Playbook. Kat wants revenge on her ex-best friend, who now taunts her whenever they cross paths.

It most definitely is.

Fire with Fire

And while he and Lillia was developing, I just couldn’t help but feel for him and see him in a new light. She is blunt, she is the ringleader, she puts them all together, she gives her allies strength. View all 7 comments. I’m not really going to write a review.

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