UKWRadioFrequenzliste Niedersachsen und Bremen. Alles was mit Funk und Frequenzen zutun hat. · BOS – Funkrufnamen. Geschichtliche Entwicklung des BOS-Funks. Folgende unbestätigte Informationen zum Kurzwellenfunk der deutschen BOS fand ich in Niedersachsen. NW. Quelle: Fotolia / nesterenko_max. Wesentliche Regelungen: Kennzeichnungspflicht: Alle Flugmodelle und unbemannten Luftfahrtsysteme ab einer Startmasse.

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World Commission on Dams http: We will conclude the LKA Report next month with a few more frequencies. However, many do not fit the pattern.

Bundesverband Garten- Landschafts- und Sportplatzbau D http: Remember that if you tune these stations that they all use the radioteletype mode ARQ-E. Kriege der Neuzeit http: II Zeitdilatation [Zwillingsparadoxon] http: Zeitgeschichte [Historie, Geschichtsschreibung, Menschheitsgeschichte] http: Verband der Elektrotechnik, Elektronik u. Landesverband bayerischer Imker http: Monitoring the LKA is still largely unexplored territory at least here in NAmso any contributions are important.

Heron von Alexandria gen.

Sepura – Wikipedia

Hauptverband der Deutschen Bauindustrie http: Periodensystem der Elemente http: Here is the table:. The LKA is a national organisation in Germany and uses a series of local HF radio stations to communicate with its headquarters, located in Bonn. Ich gebe im folgenden den englischen Originaltext 1: All of the LKA frequencies monitored so far have been between and kHz and seem to operate 24 hours a day.


Verhalten im Kontext mit der E. Ritter, Soldaten, Krieger http: Kreisbogen der Metaphysik http: Schweizerischer Chemikanten- und Cheministenverband http: Beitrag der Uni Ulm D http: The baud rate will almost always be 96 baud see the listand the shift will be 85Hz, except where noted on the list.

Kurzwelle – speedx

Entwicklungsstufen – eigene Ausarbeitung http: Most traffic is encrypted, but always begins with the circuit ID. Akustische Signaldetektierung – Programm S. As to be expected most message activity takes place during German local business hours from Monday through Friday.

This will definitely make the monitoring difficult here in NAm, but readers in Europe and Africa should stand a good chance frequenaen catching them. Deutsche Geschichte http: Amateurfunk und Telekommunikation in der Schule http: Schweizerischer Verband diplomierter Chemiker http: Vereinigung der Verfolgten des Nationalsozialismus D http: Domestizierte Tiere [Heimtiere, Haustiere].

Gesellschaft deutscher Chemiker http: Our European author says that the Bonn stations seem to put out a much stronger signal than the other stations. Electronic text corpus of Sumerian Literature Uni Oxford http: Better Homes and Gardens.


Germany Radio Reference

Beitrag des Deutschen Historischen Museums http: If you have any further information or corrections please pass them along to us here at the Ute World Central. Encyclopedia of Philosphy University of Tennessee http: Kalenderwesen [Kalendarium, Kalenderrechnung, Zeitrechnung].

Approximately different local officies in all parts of Germany are linked with Bonn via this network. There are day and night frequencies and irregular midday 7MHZ frequencies as well. Heimat in D nkedersachsen Deutsche Soldaten http: The following table is a possible analysis incomplete of how some of the IDs fit locations.

Now lets let our European friend tell you about how to monitor the LKA. Deutsche Telekom AG http: Kurator [Museumsdirektor, Leiter eines Museums]. Channel IDs consist of 5 letters ie.

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