BLOWGUNS. The Breath of Death. The blowgun, sometimes also called a blowpipe or blowtube, has a long but not necessarily well-documented history. The blowgun is a mysterious tool of silent death. Michael Janich reveals the many secrets of its capabilities and uses: how to buy or make your own blowgun and. Buy a cheap copy of Blowguns: The Breath Of Death book by Michael Janich. The blowgun is a mysterious tool of silent death. Michael Janich reveals the many.

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Also, be careful not to rub your eyes or wipe your mouth with your hand w r hen handling poisons. Planks, boxes, trees, and practically anything else made of wood can be used as a blowgun target, hut again, you’ll need pliers to pull the darts ouL.

Most types of paper can be used, but l vc found lhaL paper for photocopiers works best because it is suffer and less water absorbent than regular writing or typing paper. This will help prevent debris from getting into the muz- zle or the Pore. Attached to the cork, or wTapped around the Lube if iL is smaller than Lhe bore of your gunare strips of cotton cloth that have been treated with a mixture of potassium chlorate and granulated sugar. The true capabilities of the blowgun are bblowguns cither tremen- dously exaggerated or highly underestimated.

Blowguns The Breath Of Death, Michael Janich. (Paperback )

The large bore and short length tbe this gun limit its effective range to about 20 yards. At the end oF each spoke is a sna p clip lha t bresth the shaft of a dart. Do Lhis outdoors and stand upwind of the bag. One traditional nondart projectile employed with the blowgun w r as a solid or hollow clay ball. However, it is the best and bliwguns of very few resource on blow guns that I have read.

Measure the distance from the base of the casing to Lhe end of the tube before you insert the plug. With steel darts, the maximum range of a blowgun of average length 4 to 6 feet approaches 70 yards.

These features make the blowgun an ideal choice for survivaiists who are looking for a weapon to stash away for years in a shelter while they wait for doomsday to come.

When this dart strikes, inertia forces the plunger’s rubber stopper past the row or dimples, where it continues forward under the pressure of the rubber band. The trick is to enlarge the hole so that it just fits over the barrel tube without, being too loose, so try the fit often. Once the barrel tube is drilled open, you 11 have to improvise another tool to sand and polish the bore.


If you want, after cleaning your gun you can lubricate the bore. These balls were shaped lo the proper size and then baked to harden thd. An even easier method — which gives the look of a traditional gun with the improved performance of a gun made from precision tubing — is to split the bamboo, cut out the barriers between the sections, and insert an aluminum, brass, or plastic lube.

For darts made of very light wood, it w r as also possible for the stopper to be carved out of the shaft of Lhe dart itself. Kids who arc less socially well-adjusted pop Lhem by throwing them at good kids. The Breath of Death authentic. If your gnn has had Us barrel boot to counteract its sag- ging. My first commercial blowgun was a Jivaro gun, and it is still one of my favorites.

Assemble the can and slide it over your deatu barrel with the cap end facing the mouthpiece. Music wire is not like ordinary’ steel wire, as It is made of high carbon steel and is heat treated to a springy hardness. A powerful vari- able- speed drill is recommended for Lb is purpose. Adjust the jaws so they lock firmly onto the dart shaft near the wood and then pull straight out.

These modern blowguns and darts are made to close tolerances and can outperform all but the finest native guns. As mentioned earlier, bamboo is an ideal material for wooden darts.

Their dart selection is also interesting in that it includes regular darts, broadhead darts, ball-tipped stun darts, bamboo darts, and even Velcro- Lipped darts. Although curare is used In both human and veteri- nary medicine as an anaesthetic [when administered in small doses, it numbs rather than killsit is not for sale to the general public.

One distinct advantage is its quiet- ness. The gun can then be hung between these nails resting on the mouthpiece to keep the barrel straight. Then sharpen it on a whetstone. Wherever the Finger points, the gun points.

In lhe for- mer, Lhe elevation thhe the gun is adjusted by feel to hit targets at various ranges. The Lube is sealed with a cork.


This stopper Is molded plastic in the shape of a hol- low cone. Mark the dart shaft this same distance from the tip so you’ll have a visual reference as to how far to insert the dan, Make sure that the fit of lhe dart in the plug is rather snug, if it Is loo loose, the charge could fire prema turely.

They will hold the poison much better that way. Ziv Kitaro rated it really liked it Mar 06, Practice sessions using a full dart with the charge removed are recommended so you brearh be sure to hit your mark when you need to. Its darts, made from finishing nails fitted with plastic cones, should be sharpened with a file to ensure maximum penetration.

Blowguns: The Breath of Death

Done correctly, it will meet the base side so the point is triangular or half-round in cross section. Standard wooden or spring steel darts can be coated w ith practically any PRO JKCTII ,KS substance xeath shot into a target, bui a syringe dart makes it possible to put even greater quantities of that substance into your target s bloodstream.

If you made your own gun, mailing tubes can be purchased from stationery and department stores. Using a bench grinder and a fine grinding wheel grind it to a symmetrical arrowhead shape.

Within a week, 1 had one of my own, and in the 12 or so years since then, 1 have owned and used a large number of others. This testing method can be used with all your homemade syringe darts as well.


It’s a good idea to plug the muzzle of your gun with a cork or some cot- ton and mask the mouthpiece with tape to prevent paint from entering the bore. With practice, you can learn to make the stopper integral as well. Because of their complexity, practically ail other weapons require much more care to keep them shooting and are also more prone to breakage.

After ruling out the tje poisons, whaL other poisons remain for use by the blowgun hunLer? Traditionally, these have taken the form of hails or bullet-shaped projectiles made of hard- ened clay.

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