Fifteen-year-old Isabelle loves her impoverished North Carolina beach community, but when her grandmother must enter a nursing home, Izzie is placed with. In the first book of a formulaic new series, a lower-class girl is introduced to Southern high society in all its catty glory. There’s plenty of drama but few surprises in this contemporary rags-to-riches story from Calonita (Reality Check), first in a four-book series.

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Throughout the book, there was one conflict occurring after another and each page full of more drama. Izzie annoyed me so much in this book, she was so se For some reason I just couldn’t really like jn book.

Jen Calonita Belles

Her cousin is less than welcoming and all the popular girls at school soon freeze her out. I promise to give book updates here, and on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or my website. The competitive world of high school mixed with gowns, politics, enemies and boys. Sure does have a pretty cover, though. Especially since there are a lot of good people in Emerald Cove, just the mean ones hold the reins. I could totally feel Izzie’s pain at having to be uprooted from her life in Harborside to go live in a place that doesn’t welcome her and where she doesn’t feel like she belongs.

What I loved about this book was that it was never overly cliched. I liked Izzie and the Monroes the senator and his wife have three childrenHayden, who’s slightly older than Izzie; Mira, who’s Izzie’s age and Connor, who’s 6.


The cast is impossible not to love, as is the summer setting! View all 14 comments. It could have vibed made-for-Disney-channel well, more so than it didbut the story was solid. One day Izzie gets the bad news that her Grandmother is moving into a nursing home.

What an bwlles book. Her brothers forgave him. It seems as if the world is watching their every move, but at least the girls have each o Isabelle Scott and Mirabelle Monroe are still reeling from the revelation that they share more than just the roof over their heads.


Belles is like a Southern-style Gossip Girl, and everyone knows those Southern hen can bite. She needed other people to make her feel better and that was annoying.

Of course, she doesn’t mean to be snobby, it is just the way things are in Emerald Cove, the glamorous part of North Carolina. Are you kidding me? The great caloita is that she keeps her heart and integrity while doing it. There are a couple of curveballs thrown in the last chapter, just enough to make you curious for the next installment.

Belles by Jen Calonita | Scholastic

There is a lot to be enjoyed in the pages of Belles, and this one will be taking a coveted space on my favourites list. For some reason Bj just couldn’t really like this book. I felt like Izzy and Mira were both perfectly written, they were conflicted and thought they were doing the right things when in reality it was the opposite of what needed to be done. Mira was annoyingly spineless and it drove me crazy. I wouldn’t say that the writing itself is spectacular, but Calonita has bleles the two worlds of Harborside and Emerald Cove calinita well that it’s hard not to get taken in.


I’ve been writing middle grade too and am having so much fun with my series Fairy Tale Reform School! I mean, who doesn’t want the best money can offer?

This review has been hidden because it contains ccalonita. This was before she knew what the preparation entails: Yet, their behavior in this was far from that. I loved watching them grow as individuals and, as a whole as well.

Then we have Isabelle who is still adjusting to a sudden life of riches, not to mention the bomb that she was thrown at the end of the last book. Only, the book tries to make plain that she’s more than that.

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