Belkin | TuneCast | – Belkin Tunecast II FM Transmitter Mod. Home Sign Up! Explore Community Submit All Art Craft Food Games Green Home. I’m using a Belkin Tunecast II, with the longer antenna mod, and the quality of the audio is terrible. The coverage is not too bad, but its full of. the Belkin tunecast 2 FM transmitter can be modified to extend the transmit range. It can put out over milliwatts of RF power and be heard.

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So, why I joined Could you post a pic of how you attached the coax to the board. I’m not actually experienced with RF circuit design, and someone with such experience may have some better ideas. This will be more than sufficient for my needs as I’m now getting coverage a couple of houses in either direction while broadcasting from within the house.

I really need some more output from this little thing Spurs seen in the third plot are present in the original un-amplified output and are probably generated by digital circuits in the BH chip but are low enough not to cause any harmful interference aside from the main signal itself, and are amplified along with it. Newer Post Older Post Home. I noticed there is a 12v socket on the bottom of the Belkin why not use it with a cheap plug pack? I started to study all the pics closely and I came to that conclusion.

Now After trying this is decided to get the solder iron out and after try to attach the new Ant to the spot basically the same as above but on the left leg of the resistor. I’ll be doing some further tweaking to see if I can improve the range. Not dramatic but enough to convulse the listener into fiddling with the radio tuner. This is a cool toy, the fact that it has a phase locked loop and can be tuned anywhere in the FM band with a big radio station sound.


And am not sure which approach is better. These plots were made with the better MRF output stage. I have the black Tunecast 2 with the digital station id display. I am going to try this tinecast, so if I am wrong please someone correct me.

This mod should not be attempted unless you have the technical expertise and soldering skills needed for such a project. Can anyone tell me tunecqst sure whether bypassing the attenuator will increase its power past 50nw??: It now works great.

Any help would be great I put the first 3 characters in the first field and the rest in the 2nd field and got this result. I get all of about 40 feet transmission distance not matter how I try to set this unit up: One, Amtel Eprom and one Toshiba with programm and up down 88 – Ino this is obvious to you guys but thanks for any help.

I shortened the length of cable that didnt seem to do much UK Wish I had smaller fingers – I would do this one SEE PIC-2 After 1 finding a vacant frequency in my area and 2 computing the antenna length for that Frequency I understand that the length attached to the Belkin is added to the length used for the DiPole to compute total length for the selected frequency. While legal power for home use, the fact that you could knock the Christian station off the air and pump Howard Stern into the dash of the car right next to you apparently caused some complaints.

Of course, you could get all these from Mouser for less, but then you’d have to pay shipping and wait. If not, post more and I will try to help.

Belkin Tunecast 2 mod

This image shows the blue wire cut, the blue inductor at the top shorted, and where the tunecaat is attached. So it looks like my best option is making the antenna longer.

I tried out Delicious again Pt. When the unit is assembled, the coax can be routed out the hole where the audio cable is stored. I have a similar unit. Can anyone help by explaining the best way to bypass the attenuator and if I will see a bigger difference in range vs. I am very pleased with the results for 20 dollars. I just recently did this with the instructable listed in the first post. Now What I found is that on mine above the inductor which is black and more cube shaped is tubecast small resistor were the black antenna is soldered in the above pic.


It would need it’s own AC adaptor plugged in all the time. I can now take a length of RG6 coax and screw it into the unit to get different antenna lengths. Now if you wish to take it further, get a telescopic antenna!

Does anyone want to verify this? A diagram is attached.

I’m not sure if anyone is 22 monitoring this thread, but what kind of wire are soldering to the PCB of the Tunecast II for the new antenna?

I’m hoping for about enough range to get good signal in other rooms in my house. But I did get a few hundred feet signal, which again is perfect for my setup.

This is like getting a basic economy car and modding it to try and make it work like a corvette!! I’ve done the tv booster trick with the older tunecasters and got remarkable rusults, upwards of.

SO what you are saying is that you attached the antenna wire to the outside of the attenuator, or a differant spot. mpd

Belkin Tunecast II mod

So imagine the above picture were the new black ANT goes is actual covering up the Resistor About Me Boris Gjenero. Jan 13, at 4: Wednesday, September 03, Simple Belkin Tunecast 3 mod to boost signal. Helkin it stands, the ‘ coverage is line of sight, so the trees on my property block a significant percentage as well as only those directly in front of my house can hear the tunes.

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