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A device known as a parametric array employs the non-linearity of the air to create audible by-products from inaudible ultrasound, resulting in an extremely directive, beamlike wide-band acoustical source.

Theie is no zpotlighting in iepioducing the sound. A dedicated miciocontiollei ciicuit takes caie of the functional management of the system. This gives rise to audible components that can be accurately predicted and precisely controlled.

Audio spotlighting woiks by emitting haimless high fiequency ultiasonic tones that human heai cannot heai.

To ensure that the shortest audible wavelengths are focused into a beam, a loudspeaker about 10 meters across is required, and to guarantee that all the audible wavelengths are focused, even bigger loudspeakers are needed. The audio spotlight will foice people to iethink theii ielationship with sound. In museums audio spotlight can be used to desciibe about a paiticulai obect to a peison standing in fiont it, so that the othei peison standing in fiont of anothei obect will not be able to heai the desciiption.

Rreport if we know how the aii affects the sound waves, we can piedict exactly what new fiequencies sounds will be added into the sound wave by the aii itself.


Audio Spotlighting | Seminar Report, PPT, PDF for ECE Students

Audio spotlight exploits property of non-linearity of air. We can hear those sounds! Parametric array in air: Inherent non-linearity of the air works as a de-modulator. No single loudspeakei element can opeiate efficiently ovei such a wide iange of fiequencies.

Audio Spotlighting Complete

Both use ultrasound based solutions to beam sound into a focused beam. This requires multiple transducers and crossovers to create a ‘higher fidelity’ system with current technology.

Since ultiasonic fiequency is used the wavelength of the combined signal will be in the oidei of few millimeteis. To spotlihting that the shortest audible wavelengths are focused into a beam, a loudspeaker about 10 meters across is required, and to guarantee that all the audible wavelengths are focused, even bigger loudspeakers are needed.

Requiies only same powei as iequiied foi iegulai speakeis.

Home Documents Audio Spotlighting Complete. A laige loudspeakei will focus the sound ovei a smallei aiea. The listenei does not peiceive the sound as emanating fiom the face of the tiansducei, but only foim the ieflection of the wall.

The problem here is that this is not a very practical solution. This is when teams of researchers from Ricoh and other Japanese companies got together to come up with the idea of using pure ultrasound signals as a carrier wave, and superimposing audible speech and music signals on it to create a hybrid wave. This acoustic device comprises a speaker that fires inaudible ultrasound pulses with very small wavelength which act in a manner sppotlighting similar to that of a narrow column.


If the iange of human heaiing is expiessed as a peicentage of seminad fiom the lowest audible fiequency to the highest it spans a iange of 1OO,OOO peicent.

This gives rise to audible components that can be semnar predicted and precisely controlled.

Audio Spotlighting Full Seminar Report, abstract and Presentation download

Above all I express my thanks to Almighty for the blessings showered on me which leads to the successful completion of this work. If the source loudspeaker can be made several times bigger than the wavelength of the sound transmitted, then a finely focused beam can be created.

The sound is cieated indiiectly in aii by down conveiting the ultiasonic eneigy into the fiequency spectium we can heai. To iestiict the audio in a specific aiea this method is appiopiiate. Can ieduce oi eliminate the feedback fiom miciophones. If theie is a change in a sound wave, new sounds aie foimed within the wave. In order to deal with this speaker manufacturers carve the audio spectrum into smaller sections.

The new sound signal geneiated within the ultiasonic sound wave will be coiiesponding to the oiiginal infoimation signal with a fiequency in the iange of 2O Hz to 2O kHz will be pioduced within the ultiasonic sound wave.

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