Army Regulation –1. Inventory Management. Centralized. Inventory Management of the Army Supply System. Headquarters. Department of the Army. scope: Purpose. This regulation prescribes Department of the Army (DA) policies, responsibilities, and procedures for integrated inventory management of Army. scope: Purpose. This regulation prescribes Department of the Army (DA) policies and responsibilities for integrated inventory management of Army materiel.

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Percent of demands placed on the wholesale echelon of supply that is not backordered, excluding regulatiln materiel obligations. Provide management oversight of second destination transportation SDT funding.

AR –1 – AKO US Army

The criteria for selecting items for the ARI program are as follows:. NSO—1 items include one-time or nonrecurring requirements. An item existing or entering into the DOD inventory may be interchangeable with or substitutable for another. Major Item System Map, page Do not use reclaimed assets to fill security assistance program requirements, unless the customer country.

Stratify items not expected to be in a buy position regulatiob the BY on the Basis of requirements forecasted to exist at the end of the BY. Legacy and emerging acquisition strategies include:. Specific types of end items required for example, manned evasive vehicles, remote controlled vehicles, or qrmy hulls. The Service has design control of the item, or has been unable to develop adequate documentation to permit procurement from commercial sources. Inventory analysis matrix, reggulation Automotive components Laboratory equipment Construction equipment.

Instructions for completing DA Form continuationpage 40 Figure 4—1: It will also document any intra-depot movement of the materiel in support of reclamation on the DA Form Items in this category will be removed from the DOD inventory either through attrition or disposal and will not be procured regilation the future. These items fall into one of the following categories:.

An exception is when the item is both a weapon system and an explosive such as, a hand grenade. Use integrated business planning to coordinate demand forecasts at the item grouping level. The stratification repair cycle timeframe is based on the LMP in-house production time for the reparable item. Emphasize this acquisition strategy at regulatiob of extreme demand surge to supplement the organic repair base capacity.


The sequence of asset application in figure 5—1 in priority and to all residual deficits is as follows:. Specific equipment densities, a force structure, or a capability for the supported allied armed forces are recommended by the U. Repair or overhaul is not economical, but the container has arjy components or assemblies that may be reclaimed. Report by CRS category. Consider and make LOT buys for secondary items required to support an end item when all other more economical alternatives to address materiel shortages or manufacturing phase-outs have been exhausted.

They also reduce the volume of procurement work directives and administrative processing times. The stratification process applies AWCF inventory assets to requirements by priority and time sequence, providing simulation of future repair and procurement actions as the supply position changes. When production quantity options are used, contracts must allow for changes in equipment usage, inventory policy, and funding arrangements.

AR 710-1 Centralized Inventory Management of the Army Supply System

Use commercial items when such items regulxtion meet user needs, even if current needs are met by military. Procurement indicator codes, page This can be caused by technological improvements, over forecasting of requirements, and other variables.

Requirements are based on theater campaign simulations for the MCOs designated for planning. A—Serviceable issue without qualification in new, used, repaired or overhauled condition.

As part of a PBL strategy, plan for and resource all elements of the supply chain to determine the optimal support strategy that will meet customer demand. When acting as the executive Service during joint Service provisioning, the SICC will also include quantities needed to support participating Service requirements. Upon formally setting up a reclamation program based on paragraph 3—28 a 1 above, component parts may also be reclaimed to meet requirements within the economic retention, contingency retention, and numeric retention levels when experience has proven that items cannot be obtained from commercial sources.


They apply to like items with known, relatively stable, and commonly competitive production sources. When the logistical transfer is to an item manager within the same military Service, the SPR record is forwarded. Set up one PRON for each routine reclamation program.

Approval levels for all supply actions, page 41 Table 6—1: The goal is to improve communication of Army requirements and vendor production planning. Depot washout rate applied to unserviceable DLR stock on-hand. Major Item System Map code format, page Hull is free of dents deeper than one-half inch.

Those items not forecasted to be in a buy position during the BY will have levels computed as of the end of the BY. Projected assets as of the end of the AY are based on a line item simulation of forecasted demands, returns, commitments, obligations, and deliveries during the AY.

Information concerning requirements for computation of total personnel or equipment densities to be supported:. If possible, reactivate or reinstate inactive and terminal items if a standard, replacement, or substitute item is not available. Condition classifications for containers—Continued.

These decisions are documented in the Lifecycle Sustainment Plan and in business case analyses. LMP customer orders retained for future issue. Under the tenets of LCM, LCMCs will use multifunctional teams including acquisition and PM personnel to analyze and improve acquisition support strategies at the item, component and weapon system level. The stratification elements, in order of priority, are shown under the stratification elements column.

Sample of central secondary item stratification for budget, page

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