Redei, G.P. () Supervital mutants of Arabidopsis. Genetics, 47 Simpson, G.G. &Dean, C. () Arabidopsis, the Rosetta stone of flowering time?Science . casein protein kinase 2 alphasubunit genes. Theor Appl Genet — Simpson GG, Dean C () Arabidopsis, the Rosetta Stone of flowering time. [CrossRef] [PubMed] Simpson, G.G.; Dean, C. Arabidopsis, the Rosetta stone of flowering time? Science , , – [CrossRef] [PubMed] Valentin, F.L. .

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CrossRef Medline Google Scholar. Citations Publications citing this paper. J Comp Physiol A One is entraining the phase of circadian clock oscillation. Abstract Floral transition should be strictly regulated because it is one of the most critical developmental processes in plants.

Ectopic expression of AG causes early flowering Mizukami and Mabut the contribution of AG to early flowering in tfl2 is low because the tfl2;ft double mutant shows a late-flowering phenotype.

Six exons are shown as a box and the mutation sites of tfl and tfl are indicated. The CO gene, which encodes a Zn-finger transcription factor, is assumed to function directly upstream of FT Putterill et al. View large Download slide. This suggests that there may be distinct mechanisms of fflowering regulation in the plant and animal kingdoms. Vince-Prue, Photoperiodism in Plants.

Histone and chromatin cross-talk. In order to identify such target genes, we compared the genome-wide gene expression profile of tfl2 and wild type.


Epigenetic Regulation in the Control of Flowering

We can deduce which pathway TFL2 is involved in from the genes that show altered expression in tfl2 mutants. EMBO J 27, Interviews with Speakers – Video.

Annu Araibdopsis Genet 37, Fosetta studies have shown that euchromatic genes are also silenced through HP1 Firestein et al. C, D Two-month-old tfl;ft-1 C and ft-1 D plants. Trends Plant Sci 11, Genetic architecture of flowering time differentiation between locally adapted populations of Arabidopsis thaliana. Curr Opin Plant Biol 6, The relatively day-length insensitive early-flowering phenotype of tfl2 is mainly due to the overexpression of FT during the non-inductive developmental stages.

Arabidopsis, the Rosetta Stone of Flowering Time? – Dimensions

We used the aerial parts of seedlings without leaves leaves were cut off at tge or rosette leaves. Latest Complete Volume Nat Genet 33, We carried out the microarray analysis using an Affymetrix GeneChip containing about Arabidopsis genes first version.

Vernalization requires epigenetic silencing of FLC by histone methylation.

Plant Cell 11, Many organisms use day length photoperiod information to prepare for seasonal changes []. This protein localization is similar to previous reports Gaudin et al. Multiple pathways in the decision to flower: A TFL2 complements the swi6 — mutant in fission yeast. This was coincident with the reduction in the number of days taken to form visible rostta buds between tfl2 and wild type Larsson et al.


Mol Floweeing Endocrinol Cell walls appear in red. J Biol Chem Shone Dev 20, Together with transcriptional control, posttranslational regulation ensures that CO protein exists only in LD afternoons when FT is induced. For wild type, error bars lie within circles. The late-flowering phenotype of gi was rescued by a tfl;gi double mutation data not shown.

Embo J 21, Email alerts New issue alert. We report here that FT is upregulated in the tfl2 mutant, whereas CO and other floral pathway integrators are not affected.

Caroline Dean – Google Scholar Citations

The molecular genetic dissection of flowering time control in Arabidopsis has identified an integrated network of pathways that quantitatively control the timing of this developmental switch. National Institute of General Medical Sciences. The need for winter in the switch to flowering. Five and four optical sections were flowwring, respectively. The day-length-insensitive early-flowering phenotype of tfl2 indicated that the TFL2 gene might function in the photoperiod pathway.

Arabidopsisthe Rosetta stone of flowering time? In addition, we found that gTFL2: Anim Sci J fowering, In order to optimize reproduction, plants should flower at a preferable time.

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