The MultiMix 4 USB is a class-compliant device that can be used with any digital audio workstation or instructions below for your computer’s operating system. Reference Manual .. Thank you for making the Alesis MultiMix USB a part of your studio. Since interfacing (following on the launch of the MultiMix USB mixers in , the MultiMix 16 USB (8 mic/line preamps, 4 stereo inputs). Manuals and User Guides for Alesis MultiMix 4 USB FX. We have 2 Alesis MultiMix 4 USB FX manuals available for free PDF download: User Manual, Quick.

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The sounds is pretty clean when working with it, I would not want to use it as my main mixer though just because it is not better than any of the higher end mixers that I currently own.

I use a laptop PC 40GB, wlesis which is a bit qd same! I delete my EDIT on the problem hsb volume knob that actually seems to have the motherboard drivers chipset with USB ports and failed to update. It started doing that 3 months after purchasing the MultiMix.

The sound is okay – very transparent – I correct anyway color on the PC.

Alesis Multimix 4 USB FX Review

The manual is sufficient, even without a manual, just turn the knobs to adjust the mixer and find it in the usual configuration of its software. Latency low enough for what I do, I do not notice. Caution First, MultiMix 4 does not mean 4-way, but 2×2 input and 2 output right and left. For the arpegiatto on an acoustic guitar, it’s more complicated.

This multijix is pretty small so it can fit on almost any desktop recording surface and it does not look to alessis either.

User reviews: Alesis MultiMix 4 USB – Audiofanzine

Line CH 1, 2: This compact mixer is perfect for using in computer-recording setups, intimate live-sound environments, video-editing and production studios, and portable podcasting setups. The only problem I had and his return was not high enough, I upped the volume in the panel config and it is flawless. Very good With experience, you do again this choice? And so, from time to time when I was mixing in Cubase with great headroom and thus a volume output from my PC rather smallmy right speaker stopped working.


Channels one and two provide high- and low-shelving EQs, independent gain trims, and have independent pan controls. Very Have you experienced any incompatibilities?

It starts by multimxi a USB jack on the computer. Not yet tested for use in a DAW. Mic CH 1, 2: What characteristics have motivated your choice? Knowing that final for now I’m 3 or 4 tracks in total. When you plug in USB, Windows automatically installs generic drivers. What happened is that from time to time, especially when the volume with which I returned to the table was low, the signal was sent over to the right output of the MultiMix.

For convenient stereo mixing and recording, channels three and four are configured as a stereo pair at the level and pan controls. Linux on Windows and three different two or three laptops and different.

So, it is impeccable after one year. Sort by most recent most useful. Channels one and two offer switchable high-pass filtering at 75Hz to reduce low-frequency rumble, handling, and wind noise. Multimjx can plug XLR microphones into channels one and two, including condensers thanks to the selectable 48V-phantom power supply.

Alesis MultiMix 4 USB FX Stereo System User Manual

MultiMix 4 USB FX is a four-channel desktop mixer with a USB digital audio interface that lets you mix live, in the home studio, and record audio directly to a computer. I had sth to save easily and Quickly Put us to the test! Alesis is a trademark of inMusic Brands, Inc. I have not opened the manual.


Alesis MultiMix 4 USB FX User Manual: Italiano

I found this table with a possibility of making multitrack very easily, I record each instrument and the record is very good. I do not send it for service, I opened it, I pawed the knobs, it calmed down a bit but everything is umltimix directly onto the card so no customer service possible home I thought the exchange knob.

Output of the computer or the mix: What I like most: I do not know What software do you use most often? Write a user review Ask for a user review. To resolve this, should significantly increase the output volume of the MultiMix to resend the signal it right.

Depending on the mood of the day, for everything happening.

I could endure the problem, but hey, when I buy something like nine I get it right. UA25Line6, etc. I had my old preamp which had dropped so I had bought something from a store in an emergency in my town with little budget and that’s what I found most interesting and affordable for less than euros yes prices in shops in my town are expensive.

Very The general configuration is easy? Problem with all these inputs, it is essential to reset the levels of unused inputs, otherwise it snores good. But for portability you cannot beat what multlmix are getting with the Alesis MultiMix4. I was looking for a small mixer USB power added one or two microphones. The EQ is amnual and there are 2 EQ myltimix per channel.

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