IBM AIX 5L Reference for HP-UX System Administrators. Installation disks. The AIX 5L Differences Guide Version , SG, and AIX 5L. Differences Guide . An interactive, menu-driven user interface. User assistance. Records 1 – This edition applies to AIX 5L for POWER Version , program number E61 and is an IBM ^Certified Specialist in pSeries AIX System Administration and . identify student’s readiness and assist in areas of selected. Student Notebook. ERC IBM certified course . Unit 1. Introduction to IBM System p Servers and AIX system administration Role of the system administrator. All partitions running AIX 5L V and Linux are static partitions which.

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(Course Code AU14)AIX 5L System Administration I Implementation

File systems maintain information and identify the location of a file or a directory’s data. To determine the hardware platform, type the following command: Support for Aix 5l Version 5. If a package has only one installable file set, the file set name might be the same as the package name, for example, bos. It also covers such topics as system backup, dump management, storage management, and remote management.

File set names are designed to describe the contents of a file set, for instance, all the file sets within the BOS program product will have bos at the beginning of their admibistration.


The server firmware directly controls the resource allocations on the server and the communications between the logical partitions on the server. To install the maintenance levels and fixes, use the following procedure: The server firmware is code-stored in system flash memory on the server.

In the Motif version, there is a running man icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen that is used to indicate this value. A Guide for System Administrators 5.

The fsck command tries to repair file system metadata structures, displays information about the inconsistencies found, and prompts you for permission to repair them. AIX 5L too has Systemm sites that provide the necessary facilities for package distribution: Set the correct date, time, and time zone. For example if we specify the compress option then only fileis with “.

An options menu is presented in some parts for you to make the appropriate choices. Any logfiles with an extension other than “.

Paging space hd6 recreated with new size. Usually the devices on SAN are disks or tapes. Expand the machine name. Disks and file systems Solaris There are several different notebkok of virtual file systems in Solaris, with each type being used for a specific purpose: It also allows large facilities to administratiom manage an upgrade because systems can be installed over a longer period of time. Temporary paging 5 paging00 created.

The compress option means that rotated log files that are not in use will be compressed. There are a number of options to the errpt command refer to the man page for the complete list. Select rte as the installation TYPE. Authentication Adapter Version 6. Instead, always use the system commands for modifying the system init behavior. After you are satisfied with the updates, commit them in order to free up the disk space used by the saved files. First Edition More information.


Adminiztration are the prerequisites: Installation Guide Version 4. You can send license inquiries, in writing, to: Help Advanced Options 88 Enter.

(Course Code AU14)AIX 5L System Administration I Implementation – 资料 – twt企业IT交流平台

System Settings Installation and Settings. In AIX 5L, you can manage the install in the following ways: The furnishing of this document does not give you any license to these patents.

Copies can also be located across different disk adapters to further enhance isolation from failures. The software in this context refers only to patches, and not packages. A package is a collection or group of program files and subdirectories that make up a software product. With committed or applied software products, you can also remove them.

Available Network Interfaces Enter. You can add, remove and list the available swaps.

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