These current sensors are offered with full scale values of 5A, 20A and 30A. The basic 5A Module, 20A Module, 30A Module ACSELC Datasheet. These sensors are based on the Allegro ACSELC chip. These current sensors are offered with full scale values of 5A, 20A and 30A. The basic functional. ACSELC Datasheet, ACSELC PDF, ACSELC Data sheet, ACSELCTRA-T, Fully Integrated, Hall Effect-Based Linear Current Sensor with.

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John January 2, The motor should pull about 17A. Control with arduino and display to visualize current and voltage. C1 is Cbyp in the ACS datasheet and should be 0.

In arduino 1 digit approx 25mA. Carl Bartlett June 16, Raja May 11, Philippe Datashwet 21, Dave January 11, It will only set you back a few dollars.

ACS712 Current Sensor- 20A

If there is no load but there are some value meassured not zero, make sure the ground from acs to s also connected with arduino. I see a whole lot of challenges.


By continuing to visit this site you agree to accept cookies. Florin November 14, The basic functional operation of each of these devices is identical. If this were a 5 Amp module and the light bulb pulled 1 Amp, the output of the module would be 2.

Al Mansur December 27, In Arduino Used smooth average of 10 measurement no avail. Sir, I am using this sensor in my power factor calculation project. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

Don February 4, How we get to know that values which we are getting are true? Jyk July 8, It should not be used datashert significant magnetic fields.

Once connected, the output would be scaled to the current drawn through the bulb. Do you think it is possible? Leo December 3, Faiza sana November 19, The only difference is with the scale dataasheet at the output as detailed below.

S March 8, Thank you for your nice tutorial and I want to ask you something Can this model read the current value of household electric appliance? Because I am not aware of any certifications for the device to indicate that it is safe for high voltage applications.


I used the sensor whitout any load but still take current from dc power supply. This should not be used in a permanent line voltage application.

ACS Current Sensor User Guide | Henry’s Bench

While the data sheet does not discuss phase shift, it does discuss rise time. Your email address will not be datssheet. Using the same 5A module, the output would be 2. Sameer January 13, Thanks Henry, You have a awesome web Page!

ACS712 Current Sensor User Manual

Found a solution on the internet that worked to make more stable: Need advice, Best regards, Novan. In your AC current tutorial you say: Hi, I would like to use this sensor in the following case: More stable and sensitivity of mA.

Depending on the degree of precision you require, it could affect your measurements. If you connect it opposite of this picture, the output will decrease from the 2.

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