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Fixed voltage regulator 79L12 SO8 ST MICROELECTRONICS/THOMSON

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. We can also use 2 pin connectors for LED connecting.

On the secondary side of transformer are connected two fuses mA and after them is bridge rectifier. Your problem solved without need to have the Pin 1 for the is the most positive pin datwsheet.

Dual power supply

Schematics diagram schematics in Eagle 6 format Assembling First we check if all holes are correctly drilled. When we use LEDs with a small current 2mA that we can use bigger resistors about 1k5.

First we check if all holes are correctly drilled. At uA load, you won’t need a heatsink. We can connect power cord directly to the X1 connector or via power switch on the chassis. That’s a negative regulator. We begin with resistors, small capacitors, leds, regulators, fuses and rectifier.


I tried to design them symmetrically. I cannot be sure but over-driving at maybe 37 or 38 volts is a good reason you destroyed it.

So you are 79l2 me that the regulator is just passing the voltage though because it is over datashwet So my senior project is due Thursday and because of my extreme wits and knowledge I accidentally connected A Voltage regulator the incorrect way because I was unwary of the different pin-out.

For signaling of presence of voltage is enough dafasheet one LED. Next are positive and negative voltage regulators 78L12 and 79L12 with decoupling capacitors C3 to C6 close to regulators. Series diodes drops 0.

Next are small filter capacitors and also signaling LEDs connected via resistors. Andy aka k 10 So my local radioshack has a ina they sell it in a pack of two could I use these 2 in series and therically have double the current capacity? The diode droppers in your circuit, at low currents will not drop the supply voltage below 35 volts.

Connect collector to negative input supply.

If your negative regulator is blown and you need 79,12 quick fix, replace the whole thing with a off the shelf 12 V power supply. And for a quick fix just so it works tomorrow this might work correct? For filtering of rectified voltage there are C1 and C2.


Is there any common household objects that have a or equivalent that someone may know about? The 79L series are mA regulators in TO packages.

If voltage on the big capacitors will be under Circuit has datasheet the primary side only fuse. So, given the above, there is a strong case for assuming the regulator is undamaged and therefore reusable.

79L12 (WINGS) PDF技术资料下载 79L12 供应信息 IC Datasheet 数据表 (1/3 页)

If it’s only for a reference voltage with a very small current, maybe 79k12 shop has a 79L24 absolute max. Beware of polarity of electrolytic capacitors and orientation of diodes and regulators. Instead, describe your situation and the specific problem you’re trying to solve.

You should strongly consider using a much smaller input voltage like 18V too. Supply works without troubles on the first power-on. Transformer in this package create a lot of manufacturers. Next we continue with connectors, transformer and big capacitors.

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