The modern day Bible is believed by scholars to have at least 50, errors. In this book, Ahmed Deedat gives a number of errors with their explanations in a. Jimmy Swaggart Vs Ahmed Deedat “Is The Bible the Word of God” Brand Name: Islamic Propagation Center International Swaggart: Mightiest Christian. numerous contradictions in the bible According to most Christians, Jesus was God-incarnate, fully man (b) Four hundred and seventy thousand (I Chronicles ) .. Ahmad Deedat’s list of errors in the Bible. .. (a) Yes (Matthew ).

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He accepts this by faith. The Genealogies of Jesus Christ.

See the comments from the NIV Bible itself. Yb answer is what i have for you. How does he know they were inspired? I 1, I Chronicles 3: I opened the door. If you really want to know the words of jesus word of God go and read red letter bible. The section has tons of historical events and details backed by quotes from major scholars, books and historians who used to be Biblical Theologians that expose the historical kn of the Bible.

Did Prophet Muhammad really recognize the Bible as an error-free book? Jesus was at a wedding feast in Cana in Galilee see John 1: False prophecies about the Judgment Day in the Bible.

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The Koran says shooting starts are used to shoot demons spying on God. Is fornication with non-virgin girls allowed in the Old Testament? Who invented the Trinity? One concerned the spelling of proper names, and the other had to do with numbers. The problems with textual integrity in the Bible.

Discussion on 50, Errors in the Bible (Ahmed Deedat)

Peace be upon you. See proofs of alterations and deceptions done by the Jews and Christians to disprove Islam in the Bible.

The Bible is corrupt no matter how you try to decorate it. Indeed ye have put forth a thing most monstrous!

What wisdom is he trying to give us? Had it been from other than Allah, they would surely have found therein much discrepancy. Notice that the above three quotes are all from the same chapter of the same book!

Adam was a 90 foot giant. Even more and different listings biible Contradicting errors in the Bible.

Full text of ” Errors in Bible by Sheikh Ahmed Deedat.”

So where is the proof in these terms that Jesus was God when the word son is not exclusively used for him alone? Thus Saul died… I Samuel An extremely significant point is that most modern translations have already eliminated the errors to which this writer refers in his article Notice lhat the twenty to fifty thousand errors are accredited to the “two editions of the New IcMamcnt commonly read by Protectants and Rhe olics.


Back to Main Page. Just who b the real authors of the Bible?

God is the author of evil Lam 3: Peace and friendship to teh. He went into the temple and looked around, but since it was very late he did nothing. But for the remaining language groups of the world who read the Christian concoctions in their mother tongues, the fraud remains.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Christ is equal with God John Your aguements are always decorated with flaws of different kinds and only shows the level of reasoning of all Atheists You guys in your “smartness” display gross foolishness.

Bible Commentary on Biblical Terrorism. Hardly any difference,so the so calles sheikh should shut his trap already.

50000 Errors in Bible by Sheikh Ahmed Deedat.

It is given as byy foot note, which shows that the Sinaitic manu- script, the Vatican MS. By a new convert to Islam Jesus Contradicts Himself. God dwells in light Tim 6: In 1 Corinthians 7: You are commenting using your WordPress. March 17, at 2:

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